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A new patch for hit the streets on Friday afternoon, seeing as I was still fighting my way across Los Angeles traffic to try and get to a flight that subsequently got canceled, I missed it until this morning.
Its packed full of fixes and a few enhancements, a couple of notables. 'Number to Words', a function most commonly sought after when it comes to check printing but I have seen other requirements.

The syntax of the to_check_number function is:

<?xdofx:to_check_number(amount, precisionOrCurrency, caseType, decimalStyle)?>

The following table explains the attributes.

AttributeDescriptionAvailable Value
amountThe number to be transformed.Any number
precisionOrCurrencyPrecision, the number of digits after the decimal point. Or currency code for precision. The currency code does not generate a currency symbol in the output.Number or currency code.
caseTypeCase type of the output.CASE_UPPER, CASE_LOWER, CASE_INIT_CAP
decimalStyleOutput type of the decimal fraction area. DECIMAL_STYLE_FRACTION1, DECIMAL_STYLE_FRACTION2, DECIMAL_STYLE_WORDS

Examples :

<?xdofx:to_check_number(12345.67, 2)?>
Twelve thousand three hundred forty-five and 67/100

<?xdofx:to_check_number(12345.67, 'USD')?>
Twelve thousand three hundred forty-five and 67/100

<?xdofx:to_check_number(12345, 'JPY', 'CASE_UPPER')?>

<?xdofx:to_check_number(12345.67, 'EUR', 'CASE_LOWER', 'DECIMAL_STYLE_WORDS')?>
twelve thousand three hundred forty-five and sixty-seven

The other larger enhancement is around single sign on - its been the bane of my life recently. Life has gotten just a little easier with this new functionality. You are no longer bound to Oracle's SSO. The patch delivers support for the following SSO solutions:

  • Oracle Single Sign-On

  • Oracle Access Manager

  • CA SiteMinder

Along with these two there are a total of 31 bug fixes and ERs since patch and a total of 69 bug fixes and ERs since release.

Oh yeah, you might be interested in the patch number from metalink of course, it's 8284524.


Hi Tim, Will there be a patch that incorporates this functionality into EBS XML publisher 11i and R12? Dan Juncewski

Posted by Dan Juncewski on March 02, 2009 at 10:37 PM MST #

Is there any API ro Java class to "Refresh Metadata" from command line?

Posted by Balaji on March 17, 2009 at 03:25 PM MDT #

Hi Tim, Do you know where I can find the docs on integrating with Siteminder? I can't find any reference to it in the product docs or the patch release notes. They only reference Oracle SSO integration. Thanks,

Posted by Pete on March 31, 2009 at 01:17 AM MDT #

Hi We are using BI Publisher for our reporting needs and need your help to figure out an issue. We have an issue reported by our customer for the report Purchase Order (BI Publisher). The source file is ord_det.xdo and the layout file is ord_det.rtf. In the report the we have defined a parameter called PM_Order_No which is of type Integer. We are using this variable in the sql query. Please find attached the xdo and rtf for your reference. The query in the xdo uses a package Reports_Sql. In the specs of this package we have defined the variable PM_Order_No as Number type. We have created an LOV in the report which does a simple order_no selection from ordhead table.Please note that we have Order_no maintained as number type in our database and everywhere. Now when the cutomer is trying to run the report, they are receiving an error 'Java.lang.float incompatible with Java.lang.string'. When we went through the debug, we found out that the order number that we are passing is getting converted to a float type in their enviorment. For ex.- We selected the order_no '501' from the drop down list. But in the debug, you will find that the order_no is shown as ‘501.0’. We are unable to reproduce this issue in our environment as it is absolutely working fine in our environment. Infact we have other customers, who are also not facing any such issue. I am also attaching the xdo.log file where in you can see the debug and the order_no. One observation is that the all the number that we are passing from front end is only getting converted to float. We are using version of BI Publisher. Please do let me know if incase you need some more information. Any kind of help is highly appreciated. Our customer is about to Go-Live and we need to get this fixed ASAP. Thanks Amit

Posted by Amit Sinha on October 28, 2009 at 08:35 PM MDT #

HI, When we print the check throug BI publisher Using XML. When it creates the PDF out put the MICR line shows some wild character.. This is happened occassional so and it is difficult to reproduce.. Do you have any insight for this? In RTF tampale for MICR line we have Number type and we passed number with Character, Do you think this one problem. THanks Chetan

Posted by Chetan patel on January 18, 2010 at 09:37 AM MST #

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