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After a whistle stop trip to HQ this week Im back in the saddle. Not sure why I put myself through the itinerary I came up with.With my wife out of town, kids with friends and a commitment to providing a two day Fusion Publisher course I needed to get to California and back to Colorado as quickly as possible.
That meant leaving home on Monday morning @3.30am to get into HQ for 8.30am - its a long trip to the airport here. Giving the seminar 10-5 ish Mon/Tues, not sleeping because my sinuses 'bung' up once I hit sea level and then jumping on a plane at 7.15 last night - after a delay I got to Chez Dexter at about 1am - exhausting! Dogs were glad to see me - I was not so glad to meet the 90 degree heat that we still have.

The Openworld team announced the 25 winners of the 'Suggest a Session' for OOW on Mix this week. We missed the cut by 2 votes - so no advanced session on Publisher this year :0( Unless two of the winners can't make it of course.
I'll try and do an Unconference session, which makes a welcome return this year, if anyone is interested.

I have just realized that I did not report on the user session we had last month. We had a fair few folks on the phone and came up with a decent list of topics to discuss.

  • Karmit Goren
    R2L values in English environment. (We currently use English environment of Oracle Applications - Karmit, you still have not told me what R2L is?

  • Writing templates in Excel

  • Future of Excel outputs

  • Tips & Tricks

  • Roadmap

  • Jim Deak
    Better training materials

  • Dave Barnes
    Advanced templating, especially some of the XSL and XPath techniques

  • FSGs- Karen Brownfield - How to add more information into FSG reports
    Reporting attributes turned on for non-Gov customers

  • Drill down from report outputs

  • Bursting session Introduction
    Listener examples
    Dynamic delivery options

  • Non IPP for Faxing – custom delivery channel

  • R12 Payments Process

  • Differences btw 11i and 12

  • Purchase Orders - Customizing the PO report?

  • Report Repository?

  • Data Template Builder!

  • Flex Lexical

  • Default output format update

  • RTF templates - Fixed # of rows

  • Scalability Tips

  • Etext Session

  • Zebra Label Printing

  • Charting – Temple Builder

  • EBS vs Standalone versions

  • XPATH/XSL Expressions

  • Discoverer Integration

  • Migration from 11i -> 12

  • Siebel CRM Integration?

  • Java Integration Introduction

  • RDF -> RTF migration

Quite a list, I was asking everyone for more until Karen pointed out that if we met once a month we had enough here for a couple of years!
Some of the requests, I dont think, warrant a full session I can blog about them. Others like Jim's comment - duly noted :) We had a few volunteers for sessions, I seem to remember Karen offering help on an FSG session and Kevin, the new eText template meister offered help on an eText session.
I'll get a schedule together and post it as soon as I can!


hi Tim, I have been trying to let you of the articles that I can participate IN. I tried contact you through mail but could not get through. Kindly let me know the correct forum where I can share the same. Gaurav

Posted by gaurav on July 23, 2008 at 05:52 PM MDT #

Hi Gaurav Not sure why your mail is not getting thru timdotdexteratoracledotcom right? Tim

Posted by Tim on August 04, 2008 at 03:34 AM MDT #

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great post, I came to this site like 3 months ago and it looks like a lot has changed since then... Keep up the good work!

Posted by crossword-man on August 10, 2010 at 08:56 AM MDT #

Great post!

Posted by Get him back fast on September 20, 2010 at 09:07 PM MDT #

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