Lets all Collaborate in Tenesse

So, Collaborate 06 starts next week, a coming together of the Independent ORacle Users Group (IOUG), Qwest (the PeopleSoft and JD Edwards user groups and the Oracle Applications User Group ... its going to be big, organizers are expecting over 5000 attendees with 450+ sessions and a packed exhibit hall.

They'll be plenty of opportunity to learn more about XMLP, there are several customer sessions, an XMLP panel, our main session (lots of demos planned) and even a hands on session.

Transform Your Standard Reports ? GO the XML Way!
04/26/2006 9:15AM -10:15AM RAD-BELLEVUE

The City of West Palm Beach uses XML Publisher as Oracleç—´ integrated solution for its reporting needs, eliminating third-party software at no additional costs. So can you! We utilize Microsoft Word to design templates and Oracle Apps to integrate and print documents viz., W2s, 1099s, payroll checks and other standard reports. Attendees will learn how to transform boring reports into dazzling outputs. This presentation includes a brief introduction to XML and how you, too, can benefit from this technology to address your document needs. We share how to create free form and table layouts using the template builder and other formatting tips

XML Publisher Live! ? With All the Bells and Whistles
04/26/2006 10:30AM -11:30AM GOVERNORS BR D

We would like to share our experiences implementing Oracle XML Publisher successfully at Iron Age (retail business) for the customer facing documents like invoices, pick slips, pack slips, AP checks and purchase orders. Like any other new software product, we have gone through a lot of challenges to make this work. There were issues at patching, right version of client plug-ins, Barcoding, MICR character alignment, pagination for invoices and finally just understanding the kinks of the tool. With a few caveats, we can finally say that the business users can now design their own customer facing documents.

Building Templates Using XML Publisher and Publish Business Documents
04/27/2006 9:45AM -12:00PM PRESIDENTIAL BR D

Build report templates using Oracle XML Publisher and deliver the formatted reports to end users by fax, e-mail and print. Find how you can eliminate pre-printed forms for POs, invoices, checks, pick slips, 1099, etc. Learn what is coming ahead and how you can extend the value of your Oracle Apps.

Delivery of XML Publisher Formatted Reports
04/25/2006 9:45AM -10:45AM JACKSON CD

Oracle XML Publisher (XMLP) provides yet another option to format reports for the Oracle end users. What options do Oracle customers have to deliver the XMLP formatted reports? Does XMLP work for businesses of all sizes? Does it solve all formatting problems? This panel will discuss challenges and what is ahead.

Oracle XML Publisher: Enterprise Reporting and Delivery Platform
04/25/2006 3:30PM -4:30PM JACKSON EF

Oracle XML Publisher offers an efficient, scalable reporting solution for complex, distributed environments. Its central architecture generates and delivers information to employees, customers and suppliers ? securely and in the right format ? allowing users to create and maintain their own report formats from data extracts supplied by multiple sources.

We're also down on the Oracle demogrounds so if you're coming to Nashville drop by and say howdy!


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I watched a program about this on TV at the weekend. Thanks for putting more meat on the bones

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