It's here ... XML Publisher Enterprise is released ...

After a lot of hard work and heartache the standalone XML Publisher Enterprise was released this morning via the edelivery site on Its a fully featured enterprise reporting application.
Some highlights:

  • You can run the server on any mid tier
  • You can manage users, reports, delivery channels from a centralized web interface
  • You can build reports very quickly using an advanced web interface accessing multiple datasources (multiple db's, web services, http, data template) in each report
  • Users can run, schedule and deliver reports down multiple delivery channels.
  • Excel Integration - users can log in from the Excel interface and run reports bring data back into Excel for further analysis
  • ... the list goes on.

You can download a copy from
1. Pick your language and continue
2. Enter your details and check the agreements, continue
3. Choose 'Oracle Application Server Products'
4. Pick your platform, we have ported for Windows and Linux but it can run on any platform any App Server and 'Go'
5. Look for the 'Oracle® XML Publisher Release 5.6.2 Media Pack for X' in the list.
6. There is a server side and client side component, download them and follow the readme's

Its fast and easy to set up and get going ... let us know how you get on.


Any reason why the XML Publisher on OTN doesn't offer this download?

Posted by shay on May 11, 2006 at 06:47 AM MDT #

i could not find the product pack which is mentioned above !! has it been moved to any other site ? nishant

Posted by nishant on July 16, 2009 at 04:15 AM MDT #

Hi, Would like to know where do i find the convertor for converting my reports 6i to xml publisher? This seemed like the right place to ask. Any information will be highly appreciated. Thanks!!

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