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A great colleague and friend of mine, David Haimes has recently started blogging about Financials and more specifically on the Intercompany product - his pride and joy.

'Yeah' so what? I hear you cry - its not about reporting or BIP'

Well, today it is, its a bit of a teaser for an upcoming article I hope Dave is going to get into some detail on soon and I can then followup on with a more generic 'how-to'.

Dave and I go waaay back, well in Oracle terms, to 1998 when I joined Oracle in the UK. We both worked in the Financials for EMEA development team. Building and maintaining localizations for the financials product across mainly Europe. It was a really tight team run by Paul Snelling, a curry eating, beer swilling monster of a man who I thought was fantastic, very scary but fantastic. The things we got up to would make your Grandma blush, they made me blush - but enough of Paul's 'party tricks'.
We had a sister team based in sunny California and in '99 I got the chance to come out and attend the Forms6i roll out training - remember, this was just before EBS11i was released so Forms6i was hot, well for us Apps bods it was - Forms9i was probably already out by then but you know how up to date Apps stayed back then.

Anyhoo, the week I was in California it poured with rain every day, I got lost on the 101, a feat in itself. The number of times I drove by my hotel! I could see it from the freeway but could not for the life of me work out how to get there. In my defense, the jet lag meant that I woke at some ungodly hour in the morning and thought, I might as well get to the office - in the dark. I left the office in the evening, in the dark, jazzed up on gallons of coffee to make it through the afternoon - in my addled state my brain could not get itself around those cloverleaf interchanges, so it was no wonder I couldnt get to the hotel, well thats my excuse.

After coming back to good ol'Blighty and disseminating what I could remember of Forms6i to the team, it was back to the wonders of Interest Invoice - a mean plsql, forms and reports solution that I had been tasked with, 'getting to work.' In the spring of '99 I then got the chance to come to America with my family to live. So with 'rose tinted spectacles', expecting white picket fences, acres of cheap land and a mansion to live in we arrived in California - oh, what a shock! California is sunny, warm and full of great folks but boy is it expensive!

Suffice to say, we settled in a tiny apartment and tried to work our way up, I skateboarded to work in shorts and t-shirt - life was good. About 10 months later Dave arrived from the UK - slept in our garage for a month because of the housing shortage in San Fran and the rest, they say is history. May be not history, I could go on and on ... and on, but I wont.

Back to Dave's blog - as I mentioned above, the latest entry is about reporting and how the intercompany team used the Publisher common region to host interactive reports within their OA Framework pages providing drill down from intercompany transactions to the sub ledgers. As I mentioned, I will follow up with a how to on using the region in your pages - just as soon as I can get the danged OAF plugin to work with JDeveloper.


I think that one of the ideas that can give Pakistan a financial boost is the introduction of rural turism in Pakistan. Pakistan has a lot to give to western turists and can gain a lot from openning doors.

Posted by financial on January 19, 2010 at 10:59 AM MST #

They were talking about this on our public tv station last night. I happened to be recording on my Tivo - I'll try to put it up on good ole and post a link!

Posted by Mega Moolah on October 13, 2010 at 05:30 AM MDT #

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