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We have had a busy few daze here at Fusion Publisher central. We have been working on the 11g Publisher release that will be the 'Fusion Publisher' version - loads of testing of the UI with 'select * from emp' being the order of the day for a while. These last four days we have not been selecting * from emp, ohhh no! We have been getting into 20 query reports (I kid you not) and 40 parameter reports, not kidding here either - took me 10 mins just to fill out the damn parameters!


There are some of those 40 parameters!

Its all good, we have been working with the Financials development team, they handed over about 15 reports and told us to get on with it! Being the cunning fellows that we are, we have built a migration utility to take the R12 data template based reports and migrate them to the new fusion model. We actually went the whole hog and migrated all of the R12 data template based reports but dont tell the finapps team! It's not quite all there, it does not yet grab the report definition from the concurrent manager and supporting value sets and migrate those but thats not far off.

Migrating is the easy part- knowing the report and R12 EBS functionally so you can run the danged thing is a whole other ball game. My background is in Financials development, so I have dredging up all sorts of useful facts I accumulated over the years that are now not relevant in the new world that is R12. Thankfully, we did not have to get data into Apps to generate the reports - that was the FinApps team responsibility!

For those of you in EBS, you'll know that Publisher has a Data Defnition that maps to a concurrent program on the concurrent manager (CM) side and we assign templates to it. You'll also know that the CM orchestrates the whole process from calling the extract program to calling Publisher to format. In fusion it will still call us but we will have everything defined on our side so its a simple 'hey Publisher! Run report A' we'll get the data, format the data, deliver the report. We're talking just printing either, you can email, fax, print, etc. Deliver multiple times, once to customer say and another to your favored document repository replete with meta data to describe it so for the itinerant customer who claims thay have lost your invoice can be sent another with COPY striped through it, post haste!

For those of you using the 10.x standalone release we have made some changes - we have separated the report from the data object. This will allow you to create data models (the new name) that can support multiple reports. So you might have 40 parameters on the extract but each report may only need to fill say 10 of them, the rest will either carry default or null values and be hidden from the user - a step in a good direction we think.

I dont think Fusion is on so many of your lips for now but its front and centre for us and somehow, especially for me, for the next few months - all good clean fun!


Its always exciting to see whats coming up next. Good luck for the BI publisher( Fusion ). Can you also post some performance metrics in case you already have :) Cheers Kanti

Posted by Kanti Jadia on June 03, 2008 at 01:03 AM MDT #

Hi Kanti thx for the comment - performance metrics will be coming. Tim

Posted by Tim Dexter on June 03, 2008 at 03:30 AM MDT #

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Posted by Roboslef on February 17, 2009 at 12:05 AM MST #

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