Debugging BIP under EBS

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Today I wanted to highlight some work Pieter has been doing on our behlf in support. He has a very useful note in metalink on debugging BIP issues under EBS. Check out

Note 364547.1 Troubleshooting Oracle XML Publisher For The Oracle E- Business Suite

Recently an enhancement has been made to the current capabilities, which Pieter will include into the note in due course but here's the details for now.

Currently, to request for XDO debug log, you have to create a file xdodebug.cfg, and copy it in to <JRE>/lib directory. This is sometimes very difficult to do this step because:
1) When there are multiple JDK/JRE installed in a system, it is sometime
difficult to know which one is being used.
2) The <JRE>/lib directory is locked, only writable by top admin person

To alleviate this issue the enhancement provides the ability to turn on debugging for a specific RTF template.

There is a new XDO propety that can be embedded into the template:
* Name: xdo-debug-level
* Default: OFF
* Allowable values: STATEMENT, ERROR, OFF

When it is set to any value but "OFF", it will turn in debug mode.
The debug log directory will be in
1) <system-temp-dir>/xdodebug
2) <Java>/xdodebug (if system-temp-dir is not defined)

- The following comment added to the XSL template or FO file will also turn on XDO debug mode for that thread.

<!-- xdo-debug-level="STATEMENT" -->

The comment must reside within the first 512 bytes in the file ie get it into the top of the document.

The value of debug_level is not case sensitive,
<?xdo-debug-level:"statement"?> are the same.

should make life a whole lot easier for you EBS folks. Its being released to the 5.6.3 code line so if you want it you need to get to that level. Not available quite yet, just being tested but watch out on Metalink for the patch against # 8359991.


Hi, This comment is actually for repeating headers but I'm not sure where to put it so I"m commenting here instead. :) I'm currently using XML publisher for one of my reports. It's structure is as follows: Customer Number |--Model Number; Description (Component Group) |--Incident ID |-------Parts Group |-------Labour Group |-------Expense Group In a nutshell, I have one huge table which has sub-tables connected to it. I want to repeat the header row for parts, labour, and expense group everytime the data extends to the next page. I can't use the Repeat Header Row option since I only have one continuous table. How can I do this without separating the tables? Thank you and regards, N

Posted by N on April 19, 2009 at 06:20 PM MDT #

Hi Tim, Could you please help me out explaining on how to display a session variable value in a RTF template. I have a session variable USER defined in my model PREM_MODEL taking the LOGIN_ID from a table MST_SECURITY.I have used this variable to provide data level security based on the LOGIN_ID.Say a Regional user called REGION1 logs in, In that case, he should be able to view the data in his region only and not under other regions.I have included the following filter condition in the logical Table Source of the Fact table UPPER("DWDB-PREM"."".PREM_MODEL.MST_SECURITY.LOGIN_ID) = UPPER( VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION."USER")) Now my data gets filtered based on the LOGIN_ID. But I need to display the value of that session variable "USER" in my report.In our case the value of the Session Variable USER will be "REGION1". What is the syntax to display the variable in a RTF template Thanks in advance, Goushalya

Posted by Goushalya on April 23, 2009 at 06:40 PM MDT #

Hi, We have a Purchase Requisitions Report that is developed with the BI publisher. We run it as a Concurrent Request in Apps. The report completes with Warning. (log file output at end). Some data seems to have special/ascii charaters in it. eg. 'BLKHD JK ⬠SMA(M) RTA ' We have tried to run this through a function that replace all the ascii characters. This IS NOT working.. Is there any way to get rid of these characters? Regards Anita Log File shows : Enter Username: +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Start of log messages from FND_FILE +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ End of log messages from FND_FILE +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Executing request completion options... +------------- 1) PUBLISH -------------+ Beginning post-processing of request 10941689 on node xxx at 24-APR-2009 09:12:47. Post-processing of request 10941689 failed at 24-APR-2009 09:12:47 with the error message: One or more post-processing actions failed. Consult the OPP service log for details. +--------------------------------------+ +------------- 2) PRINT -------------+ Not printing the output of this request because post-processing failed. +--------------------------------------+

Posted by Anita Barsode on April 24, 2009 at 04:05 AM MDT #

Tim, The bug you reference is not public so we can't see how it is progressing! Anything you can do about that? Cheers, Dave

Posted by David Barnes on April 28, 2009 at 12:02 AM MDT #

Nice! This should make it lot easier to do debugging in format templates only. Originally this was only an option in data templates.

Posted by Ike Wiggins on April 28, 2009 at 06:31 AM MDT #

may i ask why debugging in command prompt is not case sensitive? thank you

Posted by makar on December 09, 2009 at 03:47 PM MST #

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