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As an extension to the article I wrote earlier on getting grouping to work across the page rather than down the page. I received a question from Vidhya at Smart Dog Services - an Oracle partner. Here goes:

Can you please give me the syntax for doing the following


My XML file looks something like this:


In my template I have a table which will have columns like :
Loads        Transactions

When the column is Loads , it has to pouplate the value of commission for Loads (ie 0.4 ), similarly when the column in Transactions, it needs to populate the value of commission for transactions (ie 0.3)

So the data would look something like


Loads        Transactions

0.4              0.3

How can I specify this condition in my template

Its another get the grouping across the page not down it. But there is a little wrinkle in here I think. Vidhya sent only a couple of columns of data, I assume that can be dynamic. So we need to handle the possibility of more columns coming in at runtime. We can use the @column and @cell functions to do this - its pretty well documented but you need to play around with it to understand what's going on.

We need a two celled table that looks like this:


The column is going to get repeated for each dynamic column coming into from the data, so set the width as needed. To explain the contents of the fields:

FE Col Desc - <?for-each@column:G_DESCRIPTION?> - this is going to create a new column in the table for every member of the G_DESCRIPTION group that there is
Description - you should be able to work that one out
EFE - closing out the G_DESCRIPTION group

FE Cell Comm - <?for-each@cell:G_COMMISSION?> - creates a cell for every member of the G_COMMISSION group present
Commission - <?COMMISSION?>
EFE - closing the G_COMMISSION group

This gets us the output Vidhya is looking for with the column titles coming from the DESCRIPTION and the values from the COMMISSION element. As more columns come in, the table will fill across the page, once it reaches the edge it will break to a new page. If you have a similar requirement but want to repeat a fixed set of row headers you can use the horizontal-break-table: command.

If you want the columns widths to adjust as columns come into the document then the dynamic columns section in the user guide is going to help you out there.


Hi Tim, The horizontal-break-table: command breaks the table to the next page. Is there a way to break a big table to the next line, so that both the tables come together in the same page?

Posted by Anupam on May 17, 2009 at 04:57 PM MDT #

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Hi: I am experiencing an issue with such scenario. I have one set of records that print fine. (Example: 5 columns) I have a second set of records that should start as new but the table starts from 6th column leaving first 5 columns. Note: I made the second set of records to start as new table but even when it starts a new table, first 5 columns are left bank and starts new from 6th column. Could you pl. suggest. Thanks, Vamsi.

Posted by Vamsi on February 01, 2010 at 12:42 AM MST #

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I am working on a bi publisher report using a nested loop and a single cell.
inner loop is prnting the data vertically whereas the outer loop printing the whole data vertically.
working fine , but not getting the lines between rows.
Please suggest

Posted by guest on November 17, 2011 at 08:44 PM MST #

Hi I'm facing issue in BI. Report when fetching data from two different tables/business components in one report.
Data from second component isn't displaying in the report.

Your expert help is much appreciated here.

Posted by guest on September 13, 2014 at 12:43 PM MDT #

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