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Easter Eggs

I did start a blog entry yesterday, it was going to be a Dexter diatribe, talking about the death or not of email - definitely not in my case, development processes and how good our team of developers are. Fortunately for you dear readers, I foolishly decided to use the server side editor that our blog host provides for the first time since it last crashed on me and I lost an article. I think we are getting a new host soon - bring it on Justin.

I could not face rewriting the whole article - but I did mention the fact that the development team drop Easter Eggs into the code for us non-developers to find. Not a conscious decision on their part I'm sure, it's the way we develop, there is such a melting pot of ideas during development that approved projects get 'extended', neat features get written into the code and of course our esteemed development director is brimming with visions of the future that he wants to bring to the present ... now!

The release is no different, of the list of features I listed last week many were surprises, not good for the QA team and more rushing around for us to get them documented but great for you folks out there. I'll highlight some of them and others that did not make the list in the coming weeks.

Those of you looking for the paragraph and image on the biggest Easter Egg that was here earlier ... you're not going mad, it was here but the Easter bunny ate it.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Kevin Friday, August 24, 2007
    so... remind us how we add this role then ;-)
  • Tim Dexter Friday, August 24, 2007

    What role, no roles here ... the feature that I mentioned yesterday has been hidden away again to be unveiled as a production feature in a later release ... my lips are sealed so you're jkust going to have to watch this space for updates.

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