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E Business Suite Bursting

You can burst pretty much any xml from the E Business Suite ... the only wrinkle in this statement is that as of today the 5.6.2 release requires that you write some custom code to call the bursting engine to send the documents to their respective recipients. Things will get a lot easier with the 5.6.3 release with a bursting program coming out of the box. 

To save me some typing and you some reading I have put together a set of screen casts to show how the whole process hangs together. For those of you that use English as a second language ... my apologies, I was as clear as I could - you do not want to hear my French, my German is abysmal , my Portuguese terrible, my Russian non existent, my Japanese ... well lets just say, its in English with what I hope is a clear accent.

End User Experience

Your end users need not change their current business practices, just submit the batch report, the bursting process can be submitted automatically for them - check out their potential experience here.

Development Process


From the graphic above I hope you can see the components we need to carry out the burst. For most of the steps below I have recorded its own screencast, just follow the link for more info.

1. Batch Program- this supplies the XML to be burst, this could be an OReport or a data template. This program can then submit the bursting JCP - Walkthrough  
2. Bursting JCP - this is the java concurrent program that will burst the data, format and deliver it to your recipents. Walkthrough.
3. Template - this is the template for the formatting of the burst data - no recording here but 3 articles disecting starting here.
4. Ctrl File - this is the bursting control file telling the bursting engine how to burst. Walkthrough.

I have also zipped (explanation) all of these components up and made them available here.

Between, this blog entry, the recordings and the user guide you should have enough to get out there and do this yourself. As I mentioned above with 5.6.3 the JCP will come delivered so it will just be a case of building and registering that control file not too long to wait I promise.

Right Im now hoarse from talking to much ... I hope this new medium is a little more interesting than reading my eloquent prose (:-) over a cup of java.


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Comments ( 3 )
  • Reema Wednesday, July 2, 2008
    I started working on XML Publisher recently, and have been finding your blog extremely helpful!
    I need to use bursting in a few reports now, and was hoping to download your demos on the same. The URL does not work any longer though. Are these demos available at any other site?
    Thank you for your help!
  • Tim Wednesday, July 2, 2008
    Hi Reema
    Glad its useful!
    I need to check those links, since we moved to a new blogging platform. Bear with me
  • Ray Tuesday, February 17, 2009
    Hi Tim
    Great Article.
    I am currently working on Bursting concept in XML.
    I have succesfully created the control file and got the email to work.
    However I am not able to get Fax functionality to work at all.
    My Unix guy has installed CUPS and he is able to fax from the cups server on the UNIX machine to the fax machine but when I submit the concurrent request nothing happens with the fax. There is no activity at all.
    here is the fax section from control file without (spaces):
    < (space) xapi : fax server="http://cfdcupsaa:631/printers/efax" (space) >
    < (space) xapi:number id="FAX1" (space) > ${FAX_NUMBER} < (space) /xapi:number (space) >
    < (space) /xapi:fax (space) >
    We were able to fax directly from the fax server to a fax machine.
    We also installed the cupserver on the instance from which we run concurrent request and ran the lp print command and it faxes fine from that instance too.
    But when I run the concurrent request, email is sent but there is no fax recieved on the fax machine.
    As mentioned above I have shown the syntax I used for fax in the control file.
    In the rdf , I have defined a user parameter , fax_number and use select :p_fax_number from dual
    In the concurrent program define I have defined the parameter fax_number with token p_fax_number.
    So control file , rdf and conc. prog parameters are taken care of. Is there anything I am missing.
    Tim can you please throw some light on this issue.
    Thanks in Advance.
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