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Data Dot Defined

After a weekend (there are 3 posts on this) spent in the mountains trudging, sorry 'hiking' up hill and down dale in freezing weather with no sleep I have finally caught the 'cold' that I knew was coming - with a head thats fit to burst I sound ridiculous and 'dalk dike dat, dall der dime' - good for 'd' aliteration fanatics but Im not one of them. There is a useful post coming for those of you using data templates.

If you have moved up to and suddenly you're data template based reports are failing with:

Data not defined

Panic ye not - we have found the issue and its easily fixable. For some reason, we got strict with you in, if you had some parameter defined in your data template that you were not passing a value to via the user inteface. If you had a data template like the following, notice the P1 parameter:

<dataTemplate name="prodTemplate" dataSourceRef="demo-hr">
  <parameter name="P1" dataType="character" defaultValue="Hello"/>
  <sqlStatement name="prodStmt">
      select last_name, first_name, salary
      from employees
      where salary > 4000

But you had a report definition that lacked the P1 parameter definition, see the first image.

DT1:    DT2:

It would run in but in we would not let you and we would throw an error.
Until we fix it, to get around the problem either define the parameter in the report, see the second image or remove the parameter from the data template.

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  • Cliff Salyer Friday, April 24, 2009
    I have recently moved to and I see this all of the time, even though I have defined all of my parameters in the report.
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