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    August 7, 2008

Continued ...

Emails and forum questions have been on fire on a subject lately. To paraphrase, 'how can I add 'Continued ...' to the bottom of a table if the contents spill over more than one page?'
I have solution that uses a template approach to dynamically add content to the page footer but Hok Min, the 'Template Meister Extraordinaire' has come up with an even more 'tricksy' solution that I like better.
It uses the page total functionality that we support and its extremely cunning!


The image above shows the template - standard table with employee data in it. Notice the last row of the table has most of the borders turned off. I have got 'Show Gridlines' enabled so you can see it is another row in the table. There are some other fields in there too.


Walking through the more important fields:
  • InitPT - <?init-page-total: contd_footer?> - initializes a page total object 'contd_footer' - for more info on this check the user guides.
  • ET - <?add-page-total:contd_footer;1?> - within the table, adds the total into the page.
  • Footer - <?table-footer:?> - an undocumented command (we had other plans for the command for a later release - hence the lack of doc) to specify that this row is the table footer. MSWord does not have a concept of table footer so we need to mark it as such for the rendering engine to 'see'. Notice its in the last row of the table - no borders remember (thats optional)
  • PT - <xdofo:inline-total display-condition="exceptlast" name="contd_footer">Continued ...</xdofo:inline-total> - this is the cool piece. It is supposed to render the page total, but instead it will show the string 'Continued ...' on all but the last page of the table.
  • EET - <?end-page-total:contd_footer?> - this closes out the page total command.

Try it out and play with it here. This approach works with 5.6.3 and above. I'll develop out the page footer approach and post that as soon as I get it working.

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Comments ( 7 )
  • Vetri Thursday, August 7, 2008
    Please have a look at this
  • Tim Friday, August 8, 2008
    Hey Vetri
    Thanks for the tip
  • Animesh Saturday, August 9, 2008
    Hi Tim/Vitri,
    How about having this continued message for each group if group falls accross the pages.
    And how about if we want to have the "Continued ..." message at the top of every page except the page where the group starts.
  • Barbara Monday, August 11, 2008
    Hey Tim,
    On 5.6.2 need to avoid carriage returns, input

    but it does not work in this version, any suggestions?
    Caused by: oracle.xdo.parser.v2.XPathException: Extension function error: Method not found 'chr'
  • Tim Monday, August 11, 2008
    @Barbara - what method are you using to avoid/remove the CRs?
    @Animesh - this method does handle Continued if the group falls across pages. The header one - you may be able to adapt Vetsrini's method or wait for the other one I have.
  • Mitya Monday, February 2, 2009
    Please, could you give an advice about command?
    I'm trying to create table footer with several rows in it. But I'm getting error: element xdofo:table-footer is not supported yet.
    With one row? all works perfect.
    Does any possibility exist to create table footer with several table rows in it?
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