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Configure the Account Analysis Report in SLA/GL

Kevin 'Support Meister' McDermott dropped me a mail today. He has seen multiple service requests around the Account Analysis Report in SLA/GL, several folks are struggling in this area. So to try and help you to help yourselves and calm Kevin's SR queue, here's the solution.

In R12 the Account Analysis Report in applications Subledger Accounting

and General Ledger, have been completely written as XML Publisher programs. The data is extracted and generated into XML format using a Data Template extract via the JAVA program XDODTEXE.

The layout is then generated using the Output Post Processor concurrent manager. The problem for users of these reports is that they generate very large data sets so the Release 12 instance needs to be configured to handle these large programs.

A. Set the Scalable Option to on for these programs.

This prevents this error in the Subledger Accounting program's log:

Calling XDO Data Engine...

****Warning!!! Due to high volume of data, got out of memory exception...***

****Please retry with scalable option or modify the Data template to run in scalable mode...***

1. As System Administrator: Navigate to Concurrent->Program->Define.

2. Query up the report: Account Analysis Report

(do this for both the General Ledger and the Subledger Accounting program definitions).

3. Add a parameter:


Value set should be yes_no

Default value should be Y.

Select checkboxes Enable and Required.

Do not select the check box Displayed, or users could turn this off at runtime.

Token needs to be ScalableFlag (this is a case sensitive value).

B. Configure the XML Publisher Administrator Configuration settings.

This prevents "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError" errors in the Output Post Processor log associated to the Subledger Accounting program.

1. As XML Publisher Administrator navigate to Administration->Configuration.

2. Under Temporary Directory pick a temporary file location on your concurrent processing node. This should be at least 5GB or 20x larger than largest XML data file you generate.

3. Under FO Processing:

Use XML Publisher's XSLT processor set to True

Enable scalable feature of XSLT processor set to False

Enable XSLT runtime optimization set to True

C. Configure the Output Post Processor's JVM.

These steps set the JVM to 2GB, depending upon your server's size you might find 3 GB (-mx3072m), 4GB (-mx4096m) or even 5GB (-mx5120m) is a better value. This setting prevents the error "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" in the Output Post Processor's log associated to the Subledger Accounting Program.

1. Login to SQL*Plus as APPS.





3. Bounce the concurrent managers.

D. Test the reports.

There you go, no excuses, no need for an SR you got it here from the 'horses' mouth, well Kevin's anyhoo.

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  • Eve Tanequodle Sunday, October 10, 2010
    Cool to be seeing your blog once again, it has been many weeks for me. Okay this article is what i have been looking for so long. I require this information to try and do my college project, and your information is actually an extremely good support. Cheers, wonderful share.
  • Oscar Wednesday, April 11, 2012

    Hi, first of all, thanks for the article. I have just a question about it:

    On the step A, sub-step 3, you mention the new parameter ScalableFlag, which has the default value of 'Y', and the value set is 'Yes_No'. The problem is that when adding the new parameter, it does not finish normally. So, we wanted to ask how it makes the connection from the concurrent program's parameter to the actual report, or if we need to somehow add the parameter to the report

  • guest Friday, February 6, 2015

    Brilliant, we will test that today and send it to production if all is well..

    keep it up

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