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    June 19, 2008

Chart Fonts

OK, I lied, Im squeezing one more in before the migration ...

Got a couple of bugs today asking about how to add and change chart titles. Its not tough, but for now its a code update. Once you have the base chart in your template, double click the image to get the Word dialog up. Got to the Web tab to see the XML for the chart


Heres the code for various titles

<Graph version="">

 X Axis Title

<O1Title horizontalAlignment="LEFT" text="My X Axis" visible="true">
<GraphFont name="Times New Roman" size="12" bold="false" italic="true"/>

Chart Title

<Title horizontalAlignment="LEFT" text="My chart" visible="true">
<GraphFont name="Times New Roman" size="12" italic="true"/>

Y Axis Title

<Y1Title horizontalAlignment="LEFT" text="My Y axis" visible="true">
<GraphFont name="Times New Roman" size="12" bold="false" italic="true" textRotation="TR_HORIZ_ROTATE_270"/>

Things are going to get better I promise, the next release of the template builder for Word will expose these properties thru a dialog.


OK, thats it for a couple of weeks!

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