Monday Feb 04, 2008

OAF Report Embedding

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Friday Jan 25, 2008

Default Output Woes

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Thursday Dec 06, 2007

Interactive Financial Reporting

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Thursday Nov 29, 2007

Got a PO template headache ... I have relief!

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Monday Nov 26, 2007

11i Check Print Support Patch

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Wednesday Nov 14, 2007

Hard Check Printing


Not to hark on about the session yesterday and upset those of you not here in Crazytown, USA but ... I weaved some time in for a few of the Oracle Partners that have been working feverishly to integrate with Publisher to get some 'talk time' with the folks in the room. As I mentioned in the session, historically reporting in EBS has been crappy to say the least. There was a yawning gap that was filled with many vendors - then Publisher came along and started to fill the void. Suddenly you as a customer did not need the third party - the writing was on the wall, a nice niche was closing up - time to 'adapt or die'. It was not meant as a marketing pitch and a few folks left the room which was a shame - these guys have embraced Publisher, invested time and money, adapted their own products and have moved with the times. They all have something to offer you that we do not yet cover. There was a strict 2 minute time slot - after that a big hook came out and dragged them off the stage a la Bong Show ... Im kidding, Im kidding. The solutions these folks have come up with really do tightly integrate with the publisher engine or its outputs and where Publisher has a gap they are well worth looking at.

Once such 'gap' is hardware secured check printing. I have blogged and white papered 'soft' methods for securing check signatures and MICR fonts but there are even more secure, hardware solutions out there. The images and fonts are held on a memory chip of some description that may plug into the printer or sit between printer and server. As of today - we can not 'talk' to the hardware to get the printer to pull the images/fonts from the memory chip - we're looking into it.

In the mean time you might check out Evergreen's solution - some of you may already have it - its a small box that sits between server and printer and has a removable SIMM card that holds the signatures and MICR font.


The folks at Evergreen now have a solution that will allow you to use Publisher to generate your check print run and then have the printer call the hardware and insert the appropriate signatures. This involves injecting printer escape sequences into a resulting PCL file generated from the Publisher PDF check document.   

Its a neat solution that I think could be adapted to work with any SIMM module not just Evergreen's hardware. I have posted a paper Evergreen have written for more information here.

Tuesday Nov 13, 2007

XMLP EBS Session ... Done!

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Thursday Nov 08, 2007

XMLP4EBS@OOW - We got a bigger room!

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Tuesday Sep 25, 2007

Bursting Barcodes

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Tuesday Sep 11, 2007

Secure your PDFs

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Monday Jul 23, 2007

Get your parameters here, guv!

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Tuesday May 29, 2007

Concurrent Output Naming

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Wednesday May 23, 2007

Using XML Publisher in eBusiness Suite

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Tuesday May 01, 2007

How-to - Java Concurrent Programs

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Friday Apr 27, 2007

XMLP 5.6.3 for EBS hits the streets

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Thursday Apr 12, 2007

XMLP at Collab 07 is a Go!

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Thursday Apr 05, 2007

E Business Suite Bursting

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Monday Mar 19, 2007

Moving from Dev to Production

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Thursday Feb 22, 2007

EBS R12 templates are here ... enjoy!

When it comes down to it, XMLP is a great reporting tool inside the E Business Suite but the greatest value is that offered by the products that use it and provide enhanced reporting functionality to their users. 11i10 got the ball rolling with the HRMS, Purchasing, Contracts, Advanced Collections and other teams moving some of their reporting functionality over to XMLP. In the case of Advanced Collections they jumped in a the deep end and based all of their reporting on XMLP including document delivery.

With the release of R12 you are going to see many more products taking advantage of the reporting gains XMLP offers them and ultimately you. The new Payments team are standardizing on a single extract and then providing you EFT formats (EText templates), Check formats (RTF Templates), the Global Finanacials teams have reduced the number of extracts they have and are shipping you layouts. But the most obvious thing to notice is the number of out of the box templates now available, roughly 870 templates across 60 or so teams means that there is a high chance the product as now developed the template you are interested in. So it should be a simple case of getting their template, copying it, customizing it and then deploying it - done.

I have generated a list of templates by product then by concurrent program available here. These are the templates shipping with the baseline R12 release. There is also a project going on to migrate the remainder of the Oracle Reports based concurrent programs to the XMLP platform, slated for release later this year you'll have more than 2000 templates available ... having met many of you and discussed the canned reports you either use none of them or very few and those you have to customize ... hopefully with this many templates available life will become easier for you.

What of your own custom reports, how can you migrate those? Well in R12 there are a set of libraries to help you move your Oracle Reports to a data template (extract) plus a layout template (RTF) ... the libraries are being used internally to convert the canned reports so they have been put through their paces ... more on this in another future post.

Hey, Im an 11i customer what do I get?
Well one of the carrots to come to R12 is the better reporting and the number of templates available. There are tentative plans to build a Template Bank on metalink to allow you to download development delivered templates, hopefully consulting templates and even other customer templates ... this is all still on the drawing board but a distinct possibility. With the 5.6.3 release, coming soon, you also get the migration libraries to help you move your own Oracle Reports. Of course if you can find a friendly R12 customer and do some template negociation and you're off to the races, hey we'll have an gray market in template swapping before you know it.

Friday Jul 21, 2006

Correcting XML Date Formats from a VO object

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