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  • August 2, 2006

Can I have spam with that?

The Oracle Data Mining team recently put together a very slick demo. Using their mind boggling algorithms they were able to predict with some certainty what a potential customer will want to buy next from a fictitious electronics company. The whole scenario was based on one of their public demos that you can install and build. They then used XMLP Enterprise to extract that data and then generate a letter for each customer targetting them with the product that the algorithms predicted they would be interested in based on their socio-economic group, age, past buying history, etc  
The demo was then extended to show how you could use the data mining functionality to predict whether alumni would actually attend a class reunion before wasting the time and effort of contacting them.

Of course the server could then print, fax or email ... yes, XMLP can be used to generate spam ... either a tasty and yet dubious meat product made famous by this bunch or a description of that flood of untargeted and sometimes dubious mail we get these days ... well maybe not the former.

The difference, you have Oracle Data Mining behind you giving you a great chance of actually making that sale and not annoying the heck of some unsuspecting person being sent offers of gardening tools when clearly they live on the 5th floor of an apartment building.

I have mounted the presentation here, if you have comments or questions you can check out the database forum on OTN

Are you ready to order? We have Egg and spam, Egg, bacon and spam, Egg, bacon, sausage and spam ...

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