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BIP ... the next chapter

Yep, there is another release, out on OTN ... you folks keeping up? Its a point point release but we just need the smallest excuse to pack new features in. Currently we have Windows and Linux ports available, more on the way:

  • We now have a download page mounted just for BIP10.1.3.3 server and template builder


Features? Oh yeah we got some of those:

  • Template Builder Enhancements

  • Flex Templates

  • PowerPoint output

  • Discoverer - BIP Integration

  • Multithread support in Report Generation

  • RDF to RTF report conversion utility

  • CSV output

  • PDF output for Flash

    • New Properties to support Flash Template

      • Page width of wrapper document

      • Page height of wrapper document

      • Start x position of Flash area in PDF

      • Start y position of Flash area in PDF

      • Width of Flash area

      • Height of Flash area

  • PDF to PostScript Filter

  • Data Engine Enhancements

    • Native support for BLOB, CLOB, long and raw data types

  • Online Analyzer can now save views as templates

  • New Bind variables:

    • xdo_user_roles

    • xdo_user_report_oracle_lang

    • xdo_user_ui_oracle_lang

    • xdo_user_ui_locale

    • xdo_user_report_locale

  • Link to Report. Four modes available:

    • Current Page

    • No Header

    • No Parameters

    • Document Only

  • Link to Oracle SQL Developer

  • Digital Signature support

  • Added Report Repository option under Admin > System Maintenance

  • Link to Dashboards from BI Publisher

  • Miscellaneous RTF Template enhancements

  • Under Edit Report, Main Data Set: New items:

    • Database fetch size

    • Include Parameters

    • Include Null Element

    • Include Rowset Tag

    • Scalable Mode

Just a few things to take a look at ... I have covered some of these features already but I'll dig in to others in coming articles.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Tim Dexter Thursday, August 16, 2007

    Hi Charles

    This is a standalone release only not for 11i or R12. They both have releases coming later this year based on the core engine under



  • Charles Dunaway Thursday, August 16, 2007
    Is this release approved for the EBS 11.5.10 and 12?
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