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BIP Modes

I have to admit we missed documenting a new piece of functionality in the release that I also have to admit that I only found out about yesterday ... thats rapid development for you.

If you want to integrate BIP with another application I have documented how to call BIP via a URL but in we added another switch. In prior releases you could call a report via the URL but the complete UI would render. With the _xmode switch was added, this allows you to control what gets rendered via the url.

To use the switch just add it to the URL for example:

where X is the mode number. The modes are:

0 - the complete BIP UI

1 - BIP UI showing template and output format drop boxes, the View and Export button


2 - BIP UI showing all in mode 1 plus any parameters

Useful stuff ... enjoy!

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  • Email marketing services Sunday, September 12, 2010
    Wonderful to read!
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