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Back from warm and sunny California

Well I made it back to the wintery wastes of Colorado on Friday getting home at some ungodly hour of the night after fun and games getting my poor old Ford started after a week shivering in an open parking lot. Im being disingenuous to Colorado - I still love it. You can actually get up to 70 miles per hour on the freeways here and find parking in Denver - from the airport to the office took nearly half an hour last week - the great 101 and California traffic. I spent yesterday with the kids, sliding down mountains in 'white out' snow conditions, carving through light and fluffy powder  - it's good to be back!

I got to sit on lots of desks last week talking to team members about what they are up to for coming releases - 11g is on the horizon but there is at least one release before that, and its packed with new features, as we get closer to the release I'll work them in more detail.

  • Server Side Preferences

  • Document cache Enhancements

  • Cascading parameters

  • Complex type support in Web Services

  • Workspace Integration

  • Smartspace Integration

  • Web Services

  • Enh for Scheduling Web Services

  • Scheduler HTTP / WebService Notification

  • OLAP Data Source

  • Template Builder Enhancements

  • SQR Integration

  • Adding Context Sensitive Help to BI Publisher Server UI

Bear in mind, they are all not set in stone and in good Oracle tradition, I dont have a definite release. There are some exciting features coming, from an integration point of view, the Scheduler web services and the HTTP / WebService Notification stick out.
The former is going to allow you to interact with the scheduling engine and provide complete control over it with abilities to stop, start and modify schedules, you'll also have access to historical report outputs and snap shots of data.
The rather crptically named 'HTTP / WebService Notification' is the ability to call what is an 'after report' trigger. You can now hook up post processes to a BIP report using this feature. Maybe you want to take the report output from BIP and put it into a BPEL approval flow prior to delivery with an ability to stripe DRAFT through the document until its finally approved. Maybe you want to update all the records that have been reported in the output. The trigger and the web services are going to give you that ability and really open up the BIP server to minute control.

Before we get that far, I want to spend some time getting through the existing web services and showing you what you can do with them ... 

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