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906 and counting ...

Thats how many templates I have found in our R12 environment this week. Its been Fusion crazy in the office all week and I have somehow tasked myself with charaterizing all the concurrent programs, parameters, layout templates and data templates, who is using what API, the list goes on and on.

Getting some early results:

Template Type #

The XSL-TEXT, XSL-HTML and XSL-XML templates surprised me and piqued my interest, In the XSL-XML there are some straightforward conversions from XML to XML but the contracts team get the prize for most interesting. They have functionality allowing users to update the contract terms inMSWord 2003. They then get the Word ML (XML) from the result and use us to convert to a more friendly XML format to report from ... cool huh?

The three XSL-TEXT templates are generating flat file outputs for transmission to partners. The two XSL-HTML templates are interesting, they both accept HTML as in puts and return the appropriate XSLFO code to embed in your outputs - Ive written about doing that in other articles.

As I dig up more numbers I'll share them ... next up, those concurrent programs that we maintain, all 9631 of them - that can not be right, please dont let it be right. 

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  • TX Thursday, September 23, 2010
    Excellent job.
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