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300 Posts and counting!

I was doing some housekeeping last night and noticed that the first few posts on the blog had finally dropped off the bottom of the page. Regular readers will have noticed that I list all of the articles, well I used to list all of them on the right hand side of the page. So we have hit and passed the 300 article line - not as prolific as some but there is some good stuff in here. We lack an easy way to tag entries on our bloging platform and the search facility leaves a little too much to be desired, so you can just do a Ctrl-F and use the browser window search to help out.

This would be useful if I did not use such ambiguous titles for the posts, some are OK and obvious like 'Data Template Building & Performance', others like 'If 'Have Cold' then 'Doctor' else 'Misery'' are getting there but you still get the gist. Others like, 'Come in from cold ...' and 'How to improve your image' probably leave you wondering, I know I am. You might think Im phishing for hits from non-bippers - Im not. I just think Im being a smart alec, although I do have an article lined up currently called 'Hard Core Sorting' - think we might need a title change there. Although the solution is pretty cool!

Anyhoo, I wanted to thank the various folks that have contributed articles (I need more) and to you all out there for reading. Its been tough sometimes to keep going but the positive feedback I get and the hits this blog gets means that folks are finding it all useful. If you're thinking about getted started on a blog check out Jake's article from a few days ago on starting a blog, just remember 'pace' yourself and dont burn out. The blog has turned into a real web resource for all things BIP, so here's to the next 300, cheers! 

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