IT Innovation | June 30, 2015

Writing the Book on Putting Customers First

By: Guest Author


experience cannot be a siloed discipline in the modern enterprise. That’s the
message from Jeanne Bliss, who’s been a chief customer officer (CCO) for more
than 20 years, in her new book, Chief Customer
Officer 2.0: How to Build Your Customer-Driven Growth Engine

Instead of
passing customer issues along to individual departments, Bliss advocates for
customer leadership executives, charged with uniting the entire organization’s
leadership team to figure out who their customer is, and then align business
priorities, operations, and metrics to transform how the company operates.

To make her
case, Bliss draws on case studies from CCOs who demonstrate the five
competencies fundamental to creating a customer-driven growth engine:

  1. Manage and honor customers as assets
  2. Align around experience
  3. Build a customer listening path
  4. Embed a culture of customer experience Reliability and Innovation
  5. Institute one-company accountability, leadership and decision making

I’m honored
to have been included in Jeanne’s book to share how Oracle’s focus on customer engagement
is helping to increase customer retention, value delivered, satisfaction, and
loyalty. The section, titled “How We Engage Our Engineers,” is one of 40
informative case studies that Jeanne has included.

Here are a
few quick excerpts:

“There are two traits that come
through in everything we do at Oracle. We are a very engineering-centric
organization and we take all forms of competition very seriously.”

“We provide our engineers with both
the qualitative customer feedback – anecdotes, complaints, praise – and the
quantitative data combined. All of this together gives us a complete ‘voice of
the customer’ perspective. Having rich data is great, but having the narrative
from customers describing the effect we have on their business puts the data
into the right context so that they can fully comprehend what they are building
and improve on what and how they deliver.”

Want to learn
more about how to put customers at the heart of your business? Chief Customer Officer 2.0 is available
on Amazon now, or read a description courtesy of publisher John Wiley and
Sons Inc.