Wednesday Apr 25, 2007

Help Duke and Sparky!

Wired is running a feature looking for the Lamest Technology Mascots Ever. Despite its "lamest" title, the feature describes itself as "a tour of the good, the bad and the ridiculously lame of technology mascots." So I suppose I shouldn't be too upset to see inclusions which I think are good mascots--such as the Mozilla Lizard, Tux the Penguin, and Duke the ... (Curvy Triangle?).

They also include a poll where readers can vote on which mascots they like and dislike. So if you're a Duke fan (like me), go vote for him. And while you're there, I hope you'll also share your opinion of Sparky (our mascot for Project GlassFish). He wasn't in Wired's original list, but I submitted him (since I really do think he's a great mascot, capturing the spirit of an open source project like GlassFish).

Note that you may need to hit the "Next" link in the polling page a few times to find Duke and Sparky. Or you can go straight to the raw poll at reddit, which shows more of the mascots at once.

Update -- this note has been added to the poll: "Clarification: Click the GREEN ARROW for mascots you think are LAME and should be moved to the TOP of the list. Click the RED ARROW for mascots you think should move DOWN the list and should be rated LESS LAME. Sorry about the confusion!" So I suppose that we all need to vote against Duke and Sparky if we like them. Lovely. Maybe I should change this entry's title to "Help Wired Figure Out How to Word a Poll!"

Friday Apr 20, 2007

Dell Leader Endorses Ubuntu; Ubuntu Leader Endorses NetBeans

The latest Ubuntu release has lived up to its name, with things getting just a bit feisty in the last couple of days. First came the news that Michael Dell is using Ubuntu on his personal laptop. That's an interesting endorsement (as is his use of OpenOffice).

Then yesterday came the news that a complete Java stack was being made available in the Ubuntu Multiverse. Hidden in one of the many articles on the subject was another celebrity endorsement--with Ubuntu leader (and civilian cosmonaut) Mark Shuttleworth calling NetBeans his "preferred Java development environment."

Pretty cool stuff. Of course, being a member of the GlassFish Project, I'm a little jealous that we didn't get an unexpected celebrity endorsement of our own. I certainly don't think it's due to a lack of product quality or innovation. I'd say these articles and discussions just have more of a desktop focus (which Ubuntu, OpenOffice, and NetBeans all fit nicely).

No matter. Our day is coming. Just be sure you're registered.

And in the meantime, be sure to check out Harpreet's notes on GlassFish in Ubuntu. He was Sun's lead on the effort--so he certainly knows his stuff.

Tuesday Jan 09, 2007

See Java from Space, Part 3

I wouldn't have guessed that I could milk a whole trilogy out of my little Java-on-the-roof bit, but people just keep chipping in. This time it's Alexis, who sent me this close-up view:

Alexis said the picture has been sitting on his hard drive "for ages" and can't remember its original source. Perhaps it was part of the "gag" which Steve mentioned as the original source of the rooftop logo? Hopefully someone who recognizes it can chime in.

Friday Jan 05, 2007

See Java from Space, Part 2

If you'll recall, I left off yesterday wondering how I might get up to visit the giant Java Logo on the roof of one of Sun's buildings. Rama has been kind enough to offer some assistance. Excellent.

Now I just need to find jumbo versions of a few key supplies and this:

Satellite Image of a Building's Roof

...will become this:

Updated Satellite Image of a Building's Roof

Thursday Jan 04, 2007

See Java from Space

Question: see anything strange in this picture?

Satellite Image of a Building's Roof

Time's up. It's a satellite picture of Building 14 in Sun's Santa Clara campus, which just happens to be decorated with a huge Java logo. Don't believe me? See for yourself with this view of our Solaris Registrations Map.

Next question: what's it doing there? Has Sun been getting marketing tips from The Colonel?

Nope. I got the real story from Steve Wilson: "It's been up there since Java Software moved out of [Cupertino] to [Santa Clara]. There was a big all hands with a gag that had Rich doing a video feed from the roof of SCA 14. It's still up there."

Last question: where can I rent a big ladder next time I'm in the Bay Area?

Wednesday Jan 03, 2007

Sun's Role in the Jakarta Project Conception and Name

Did you know that the Apache Jakarta Project is "named after the conference room at Sun Microsystems where the majority of discussions leading to the project's creation took place." I'd hadn't heard this until recently I found that quote in the Wikipedia's Jakarta Project article.

Interesting tidbit. Unfortunately, it looks like that room was in Sun's old Cupertino campus. If so, I wonder if anyone thought to keep the its name plate. Seems like it should go into a computing museum somewhere (or at least a memorabilia sale on eBay).

Wednesday Dec 13, 2006

A Special Message From Sun's CEO

Here at Sun, one way our CEO stands out against his counterparts is by blogging. Every week, thousands of people all over the world read his latest thoughts in his own words--no handlers, no filters, and certainly no ghost writers.

That means it's a rather unusual honor when someone else is chosen as an intermediary for one of his key messages. Today I have just such an honor, passing along some thoughts about Sun's recent moves to open source Java. So without further ado: a very special message from the CEO.

Note: modern Flash Player required, and you may need to retry the link a time or two--the service provider sometimes has trouble handling the volume surrounding such an important topic.




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