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  • February 9, 2016

ZFSSA update 2013.1.5.0 is now available

Steve Tunstall
Principle Storage Engineer

The newest version of the ZFS Stprage Appliance code was released yesterday. Version 2013.1.5.0. This is a minor release, as opposed to a micro release, which means it has a few feature enhancements, as opposed to bug fixes (which are in the micros). Since this release does include all previous micros, its a very good idea to check your systems and upgrade to this latest release if you are behind. You can download it from the "Patches" tab of MOS.

Here is the read me: https://updates.oracle.com/Orion/Services/download?type=readme&aru=19853187

Here is the "What's New" section from the readme file: 

LDAP Security Configuration

In the user interface, the security-related parameters for LDAP service configuration have been redesigned to only present supported combinations of authentication methods, credential levels, and SSL/TLS options. The "anonymous" credential level does not use an authorization method. The "self" credential level uses Kerberos encryption and the SASL/GSSAPI authentication method. 

NFS Reserved Ports for Security

NFS clients must use low-numbered (reserved) ports when the new NFS "reserved ports" property is set in conjunction with the AUTH_SYS authentication mode. Some NFS clients, such as Solaris and Linux, use low-numbered TCP ports by default. Other clients, such as Windows, may require configuration.

NFSv4 Numeric String IDs

A new property allows NFSv4 clients to use numeric strings for user and group IDs when used in conjunction with authentication type AUTH_SYS. If you do not set this property, user and group IDs are exchanged in the default form, which is user@domain.

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