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  • May 5, 2017

Tips and Tricks for best RMAN Backup and Recovery Performance. The new and spectacular 60TB/h backup and the 62TB/h recovery rates with the all new ZS5-4.

Patricio Zambrano garcia
Senior Product Manager ZFS Storage

Are you interested in improving your RMAN Backup and Recovery? Specifically,
the Level 0 backups plus daily incrementals with your ZFS Storage Appliance? Is
your current vendor not providing the floor space/performance/price/raw capacity
that you need? Are you hungry? Then keep on reading!

Just as you would make the perfect finger licking Mexican Taco (Yes, I
am from Mexico!), there is a way to ensure maximum RMAN performance with an Oracle
ZFS Storage and an Oracle Engineered system(X6-2 server). Of course, the level of complexity is probably
not the same but you get the idea ;).

BIG NETWORK PIPES! That’s right, make sure your clients and your storage
array are connected with InfiniBand. InfiniBand provides the biggest and most
user friendly bandwidth pipes when it comes to RMAN backup and recovery (QDR IB 40Gbit). Each of these
cards can allow up to 5.5GB/sec! Additionally, IB is supremely integrated with Oracle
Exadata. Likewise, when preparing your
taco you must make sure that the tortilla is big enough to fit all of your

High bandwidth capable Servers! What good is it if your servers can’t
recover at the speed of your storage array and network bandwidth? At a 80:20
split between Data and Reco, for example, most of our customers are hitting
server bandwidth limitation or bad network integration issues (aka not
supporting InfiniBand connectivity). Always make sure that your servers are
compatible with InfiniBand and that they are InfiniBand friendly. Always buy tortillas from your trusted
Mexican supermarket! Aka..not the commercial ones.

Choose your right data profile for you ZFS Pool! Raidz2 provides the
best sequential/streaming IO for this type of workload. With its large vdevs ,
this type of ZFS data profile allows for the fastest and largest IO performance. Similar to Flour tortillas which
support the heaviest ingredients but are less flexible than corn
J .

Finally, make sure you add the right ingredients!

ZFS software level: recommended minimum of OS8.6.8,
required minimum of OS8.6.5 (Avocado and Melted Mozzarella Cheese)

·         Exadata version: recommended minimum of,
required minimum of (Freshly made green salsa)

·         Write flash: not utilized (Do not add Nacho Cheese)

·         Read flash: not utilized (Do not add Ghost Pepper)

·         Storage profile: Use Raidz2 data profile, if your
workload is not 100% streaming or sequential, use Mirror data profile (Flour

·         Network: InfiniBand (Big tortillas)

·         Protocol: Oracle Direct NFS(8 hour slow cooked

Awesome marketing performance graph showing our 62TB/h restore and 60
TB/h backup rates!

Unbelievably, this number was achieved by using HDDs.

Thank you for reading and I hope I did not make you that hungry!

To learn more about the configuration details on how to achieve these
numbers, please visit: 

Using an Oracle RMAN Recovery Catalog on Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance White Paper

 it can be found at: https://community.oracle.com/docs/DOC-1007521

*Result disclosure: The performance information that you see on this
blog is not ffficial or abided by Oracle. 

 Make sure you join the ZFS Storage User Group: Become an OZUG member!

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