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  • August 26, 2013

Some info about our ZFSSA codes

Steve Tunstall
Principle Storage Engineer

As you now know, version 2011.1.7.0 is the current shipping code for our ZFSSA. You really want to be running this code, no matter what ZFSSA system you have. This code will work all they way back to 7x10 systems. There are found bugs in even the last code, 2011.1.6.0, that this newer code will fix, so get on it.

Let's talk for a moment about code names and numbers, as it's going to change from your point of view very soon. Many years ago, Sun Microsystems created the "Fishworks" team to create this code that we now run on the ZFS Storage appliance. You can still see Fishworks and the original team names if you "Shift-Click" the Oracle/Sun logo in the top left corner of your ZFSSA. (There are MANY secret Shift-Click operations in the ZFSSA. I told you about some back in my blog on analytics here: https://blogs.oracle.com/7000tips/entry/fun_tips_with_analytics) By the way, FISH stands for "Fully Integrated Software & Hardware.

So the code that Fishworks created is a layer between you, the user, and the special version of Solaris and ZFS underneath. This is called an "Appliance Kit", and you will see all sorts of system names with an "AK" on them, which are directly linked to the Appliance Kit, which is basically the code for the interface, both the GUI and the CLI, which you all know and love. Internally at Oracle the Fishworks team, now a much larger team that Oracle has grown far beyond the original, calls the code levels for the ZFSSA "AK#####". For example, the code level you are all running right now is called AK7. It has minor updates to it, but the major code is AK7, with a minor now of 04.24.7, so really the last code level released is AK7.04.24.7. You have all been calling it "2011.04.24.7", because in the past they used the year the major release came out as it's name. For obvious reasons, this no longer makes sense. People think the current code they're running was made two years ago in 2011, but that's just not the case. This last release bears almost no resemblance to the original AK7 code. So much has changed in it.

So, to make things simpler, Oracle is dropping the year on the code, and will now call it AK#.#.#, starting with the upcoming release of AK8. In all likelihood,  there will still be one more minor release of AK7 coming first, so don't wait to upgrade like AK8 is just around the corner. It's still going to be a few months, and you don't want to hit a bug before that, so upgrade when you can to AK7-7 (my nickname for the current release). 

AK8 will be a game-changer. I'm not allowed to talk about it too much, but speak with your local storage SC and maybe they can give you a heads-up. HUGE stuff coming folks. Just the performance enhancements are going to be a world-changing event in the storage industry. If you have a 7x20 series system, going to AK8, without doing anything else, is going to make your system better and faster.

You can see all of the software release history here: https://wikis.oracle.com/display/FishWorks/Software+Updates

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  • Steve Thursday, October 10, 2013

    Yes, the code for AK8 or OS8 is 2013.1.0.1.

    The internal team and MOS call it one thing, and our marketing and sales teams are calling it another. Both names are correct. You will see literature and announcements for ZFS OS8, but MOS will still use the 2013.1 code.

    Just more fun from your friends at Oracle.

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