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  • October 6, 2015

Racked Systems and IaaS Acquisition Model Enable Cloud

We've been touting Oracle ZFS Storage as a great solution for cloud and virtualization a lot this year.  One thing that we've learned from our customers in the process (and from our own Oracle cloud folks) is that it's not enough to simply be a good technical solution for the workload.  You also need to deliver the product in a way that simplifies deployment (enterprise customers want this, too, naturally, but cloud providers seem particularly focused on repeatability).

Enter factory-racked systems and an IaaS acquisition model.

With the introduction of the ZFS Storage Appliance Racked System we enable the public and private cloud by offering IaaS acquisition model. The ZFS Storage Appliance IaaS offering allows you to acquire ZFS Storage by a monthly subscription instead of
actually purchasing the hardware.  The IaaS offering is a low cost
subscription based model for ZFS Storage for deployment on-premise
or in Oracle data centers. It provides our customers with an OpEx acquisition
model, not CapEX.  Not a lease.  More like paying rent, right down to the fact that we take the hardware back when you're done with it.

Nothing new, of course.  You can get these sorts of things from other storage providers.  We are simply continuing to address the needs of the on- and off-premise cloud customer by marrying the perfect storage architecture with better ways to acquire and deploy it.

Platinum Services is included. Huge.  As we do with all Oracle Engineered Systems, we patch systems for you, provide 24x7 offsite monitoring, and give you access to our premium support "hotline".  And like we said, it's included (Platinum Services are expected to be available by H2FY2016 for the ZFS Storage Appliance Racked System when attached to an Exadata, SuperCluster or Exalogic). 

These days we invest a lot in making Oracle Applications work better.  But the fact that Oracle ZFS Storage has been such an enormous asset in our SaaS and PaaS clouds simply can't be ignored.  And now it's easier than ever to bring all of that home.

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