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  • August 9, 2012

Phone Home- just like E.T.

Steve Tunstall
Principle Storage Engineer

Hmmm, still no update, so they have changed the ETA from "July" to "It will be out when it's ready". I have not heard of a new ETA, so please don't ask.

In the meantime, there are plenty of you that do not have the Automated Service Request (ASR) feature turned on for your ZFSSA systems. This is better known as "Phone Home". It's not only extremely handy and free, but it could possibly save your job and your company lots of time and money. You really, really want to turn it on. The Phone Home feature on the ZFSSA does two things. It obviously creates a support ticket with Oracle support in the event of some failure on the ZFSSA. That's good. You will see an email that this happened, and can then go track it with your account on the MOS (My Oracle Support) website. If you're wondering what issues will force an ASR, then go back and read my blog entry from last year here: https://blogs.oracle.com/7000tips/entry/asr_automated_service_request_aka

You need to make sure your ZFSSA system can get to the internet and has access through your firewalls to the following sites and ports:
1. inv-cs.oracle.com  on port 443
2. asr-services.oracle.com  on port 443

The other thing it does is send heartbeats to the Oracle ASR phone home database. As a pre-sales engineer, I find this very handy for my clients. I'll show you a few screenshots below of what I can see in the phone home database for my clients. This lets me keep track of minor, major, and critical issues my customers are having with their ZFSSA systems. I can see how their storage pools are setup and if they are becoming too full. This is something I like to track and keep my eye on for my customers. I will offer to create summary reports for them on a monthly basis to help them keep track of their systems, as many of them don't look at them very often or have too many other things to worry about. Your local Storage SC can also access this database and show you what he or she sees for your systems on Phone Home.

Here is where you setup Phone Home in the ZFSSA BUI interface:

Here is an example of what I can see in the Phone Home database. 

In this example, just lower down on the same screen, you can see the list of issues this system has had over the years, and a click will get you more detail. This system had some hard drives replaced in January, and one in May, but nothing of note since then. Many of the other 'Major' alerts you see below were actually just cluster peer takeovers done for testing and upgrades.

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