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  • September 10, 2015

Oracle ZFS Storage...An efficient storage system for media workloads

Life as a studio
system administrator is full of twists and turns, like the plot of the movie project
you are currently supporting! It’s a typical Monday morning, as you walk in to
the studio. The digital artists are working on the visual effects for the
upcoming blockbuster movie, scheduled for a Spring release.  It’s business as usual, until you get called
in for a meeting at noon. The release schedule for the current movie project
has changed. Instead of a Spring
release, the producer and the director now wish to bring the movie to the
screens three months in advance, right in time for Christmas.

To meet the
shortened delivery window, they are going to double the number of artists working
on the project (from 100 to 200 artists), with people working overtime to hit
the new deadline. The implication of this decision on your environment is that
now you need a storage infrastructure that can support about 200 artists. Requesting
for proposals, evaluating vendors and procuring new storage system is time

Imagine having a
storage system that can easily scale to support large number of users in your
post-production environment while still delivering consistently high
performance. Oracle’s ZFS Storage Appliance, with its massive number of CPU
cores (120 cores in Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4), symmetric multi processing OS
and DRAM-centric architecture is designed to deliver the user scalability and
performance density that media companies desire, without creating controller or
disk sprawl.

A clustered
Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4 system has the compute power to support 6000+ server
nodes in the render farm, while still delivering low latency reads to
interactive digital artists. The massive horsepower built into Oracle ZFS
Storage Appliance enables it to deliver equal if not better performance, when
compared to popular scale-out storage systems. The high end enterprise class
Oracle ZFS Storage has at least 78% higher throughput and 41% better overall
response time than 14-node EMC Isilon S210 on the SPECsfs2008 NFSv3 benchmark. With
Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, you not only simplify the process of acquiring
storage systems but also achieve higher ROI, with no additional licensing fee
as your storage requirements grow.

We are at IBC this
year. If you are a studio system administrator and want to learn more about the
superior performance and the unmatched cost and operational efficiencies of
Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, please visit Oracle booth in Hall 7 at RAI
Conference Center, Amsterdam, September 11-16, 2015.

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