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  • May 19, 2015

Oracle ZFS Storage Intelligent Replication Compression

Is Better ....

replication ensures robust business continuity and disaster recovery protection
by keeping data securely in multiple locations. It allows your business to run uninterrupted
and provides quick recovery in case of a
disaster such as a fire, flood, hurricane or earthquake. Unfortunately, long
distance replication can often be limited by poor network performance, varying
CPU workloads and WAN costs.

What’s needed is
intelligent replication that understands your environment and automatically optimizes
for performance and efficiency, on-the-fly, before sending data over the wire. Intelligent
replication that constantly monitors your network speeds, workloads and overall
system performance and dynamically tunes itself for best throughput and cost
with minimum impact to your production environment.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Intelligent
Replication Compression

Oracle’s ZFS Storage Replication with Intelligent
Compression does just that. It increases replication performance by
intelligently compressing data sent over the wire for optimum speed, efficiency
and cost. It monitors ongoing network speeds, CPU utilization and network
throughput and then dynamically adjusts its compression algorithms and
replication stream thread counts to deliver best replication performance and
efficiency, even with varying network speeds and changing workloads
. This adaptive intelligence and dynamic
auto-tuning allows ZFS Storage Appliance Replication to run on any network with
increased speed and efficiency, while minimizing overall system impact and WAN costs.

Oracle’s Intelligent Replication Compression utilizes
Oracle’s unique Adaptive Multi-Threading and Dynamic Algorithm Selection for
replication compression and replication streams that continuously monitors
(every 1MB) network throughput, CPU utilization and ongoing replication
performance. Intelligent algorithms then automatically adjust the compression
levels and multi-stream thread counts to optimize network throughput and
efficiency. It dynamically auto-tunes compression levels and thread counts to
fit changing network speeds and storage workloads, such as high compression for
slow/bottlenecked networks and fast compression for fast networks or high CPU
utilization workloads. It offers performance benefits in both slow- and
high-speed networks when replicating various types of data, while optimizing
overall system performance and reducing network costs

Replication Compression can lead to significant gains in replication
performance and better bandwidth utilization in scenarios where customers have
limited bandwidth connections between multiple ZFS Storage sites and the WAN
equipment (such as WAN accelerator) does not provide compression. Up to 300%
increases in replication speeds are possible, depending on network speeds, CPU
utilization and data compressibility. Best of all, Intelligent Replication
Compression comes free with the ZFS OS8.4 software release.

About Offline Seeding?

Oracle’s ZFS Storage Replication is based on
very efficient snapshot technology, with only delta changes sent over the wire.
This can be done continuously, scheduled, or on-demand. Intelligent Replication
Compression makes this very fast and efficient, but, what about the initial or
full replica that could involve sending a very large amount of data to a remote
site? Transmitting very large amounts of
data long distances over the WAN can be both costly and time consuming. To
address this, the ZFS Storage Appliance allows you to “seed” or send a full
replication update off-line. You can do this by either doing a local copy to
another ZFS Storage Appliance and then shipping it to a remote site, or by
using an NFS server (JBOD/Disk sets) as a transport medium to send to another
existing remote ZFS Storage Appliance.
Incremental replicas can then be done fast and inexpensively
over the WAN. This saves both time and money when setting up a remote ZFS DR
site or needing to move large amounts of data efficiently. 


remote replication is all about speed, efficiency and intelligence. Speed, so
you can do
it fast
. Efficiency, so it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg in WAN
costs. Intelligence, so it dynamically optimizes itself for your ever-changing
environment to achieve the highest performance at the lowest cost. Oracle ZFS Storage Replication with
Intelligent Compression does all of that, and more.

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