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  • December 6, 2011

New SSDs announced today

Steve Tunstall
Principle Storage Engineer

Thought you should know about the 3 new announcements for the ZFSSA.

--Write-flash-cache SSDs have gone from 18GB to 73GB each.

--New long-range transceivers for the 10GigE cards are now available

--3TB drives for the 7120 model are here today. The 3TB drives for
the 7320 and 7420 are NOT here yet, but close.


Effective December 6, 2011, we are pleased to announce three new
options for Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage portfolio:

1. Availability of a 73GB Write Flash Cache for 7320 and 7420.  This
new SSD features 4X the capacity and almost double the write throughput and IOPS
performance of its

predecessor.  In comparison to the current 18GB SSD, this new 73GB
SSD significantly enhances the system write speed.  As an example, a recent test on a
particular 7420

system demonstrated a 7% improvement in system write performance
while using half the number of SSDs.  The 73GB SSD is also available to our customers
at a lower list

price point.  This is available as an ATO or X Option.

2. Availability of the standard Sun 10 GbE Long Range Transceiver
for the current 1109A-Z 10GbE card as a configurable option for ZFS Storage Appliance.  This
Long Range Transceiver enables 10 GbE optical connectivity for distances
greater than 2 KM.

3. Availability of a new 7120 base model featuring integrated 11 x
3TB HDDs and a 73GB Write Flash Cache.  (Note that availability of the 3TB drive is
limited to the 7120 base model internal storage only – it is not available in the disk
shelves at this time.)

Additionally, we are announcing End-of-Life for the following two

1. 2TB drive-equipped base model of the 7120, with a Last Order Date
of December 31, 2011.

2. 18GB Write Flash Cache, with a Last Order Date of January 10,

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