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  • November 6, 2014

New Logzilla Drives for your ZFSSA

Steve Tunstall
Principle Storage Engineer

Yes, the new, larger Logzilla SSD drives for your ZFSSA systems are now out. They are 200GB usable, up from the 73GB usable drives. 

Yes, you will sometimes see them referred to in some marketing literature as 400GB. This is because there is extra room in enterprise SSD chips to allow for cell burnout and keep their 5 years lifetime. Make no mistake, they will give you 200GB of actually capacity in the ZFSSA systems.

Yes, they are compatible with the current 73GB version. You can mix and match. The one thing to look out for is in a 'mirrored' log profile. If you mix a new one with an old one in a mirrored log profile, then the new one will size down to 73GB to match it. In a striped profile, it doesn't matter, nor will it matter if you have 2 or more of each.

One last thing-- They are almost twice as fast as the older 73GB version. If you mix them, you will get faster, but not as fast as if you had all 200GB versions. Diminishing returns. Talk to your local SC on whether your Lozgilla workload is so great that either adding some new ones or even changing out your old ones would help your performance. Not every workload needs Logzillas, but there are built-in analytics that can tell us if yours is a good fit.


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