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  • May 18, 2012

New code is out- Version 2011.1.3.0

Steve Tunstall
Principle Storage Engineer

The newest version of the ZFSSA code, 2011.1.3.0, is now out and availiable on MOS.

I will be writing more about one of it's many new, useful features coming early next week. It's very cool, and has to do with how you can now change the size of your analytic datasets.


ak-2011. Release Notes


This minor release of the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance software contains significant bug fixes for all supported platforms. Please carefully review the list of CRs that have been addressed and all known issues prior to updating.

Among other issues, this release fixes some memory fragmentation issues (CRs 7092116 and 7105404), includes improvements to DTrace Analytics, and failover improvements to DNS, LDAP, and the SMB Domain Controller.

This release requires appliances to be running the 2010.Q3.2.1 micro release or higher prior to updating to this release. In addition, this release includes update health checks that are performed automatically when an update is started prior to the actual update from the prerequisite 2010.Q3.2.1 micro release or higher. If an update health check fails, it can cause an update to abort. The update health checks help ensure component issues that may impact an update are addressed. It is important to resolve all hardware component issues prior to performing an update.

Deferred Updates

When updating from a 2010.Q3 release to a 2011.1 release, the following deferred updates are available and may be reviewed in the Maintenance System BUI screen. See the "Maintenance:System:Updates#Deferred_Updates" section in the online help for important information on deferred updates before applying them.

1. RAIDZ/Mirror Deferred Update (Improved RAID performance)
This deferred update improves both latency and throughput on several important workloads. These improvements rely on a ZFS pool upgrade provided by this update. Applying this update is equivalent to upgrading the on-disk ZFS pool to version 29.

2. Optional Child Directory Deferred Update (Improved snapshot performance)
This deferred update improves list retrieval performance and replication deletion performance by improving dataset rename speed. These improvements rely on a ZFS pool upgrade provided by this update. Before this update has been applied, the system will be able to retrieve lists and delete replications, but will do so using the old, much slower, recursive rename code. Applying this update is equivalent to upgrading the on-disk ZFS pool to version 31.

Supported Platforms

Issues Addressed

The following CRs have been fixed in this release:

4325892performance decrease if 1st nameserver is down
4377911RFE for improved DNS resolver failover performance
6822262Windows Media Service/SQL server cannot connect to cifs share
6822586SMB should try UDP first to get LDAP SRV record and retry with TCP if truncated UDP response
6941854idmap_getwinnamebygid() and idmap_getwinnamebyuid() need to work for builtin names
6953716Exception 'Native message: datasets is undefined' while append dataset to current worksheet
6973870Specify retention time for Analytics data
6991949panic will happen during some error injection stress
6996698The SRAO may terminate irrelevant memory copy
6997450gcpu_mca_process() doesn't return a right disp for poisoned error
7023548replacement failed for faulted readzilla
7040757smb_com_write_andx NULL pointer dereference panic in mbc_marshal_get_uio
7044065Replay records within a dataset in parallel
7047976zil replay assertion failure with full pool
7048780I/O sent from iSCSI initiator embedded in VirtualBox completes with a status TASK SET FULL
7052406NFS Server shouldn't take zero copy path on READ if no write chunk list provided
7052703zl_replay_lock needs to be initialised and destroyed
7066080s11n code generated by fcc should include strings.h
7066138fcc must define _INT64_TYPE
7066170configurable max- and min-units for akInputDuration
7066552NFS Server Fails READS with NFS4ERR_INVAL when using krbi or krb5p
7071147DC failover improvements
7071628ldap_cachemgr exits after failure in profile refresh, only when using sasl/GSSAPI authentication
7071916ztest/ds_3 missing log records: replayed X < committed Y
7074722dataspan can be marked read-only even if it has dirty subspans
7080443LDAP client failover doesn't work
7080790ZIL: Assertion failed: zh->zh_replay_seq < *replayed_seq (0x1a < 0x1a)
7084762ztest/ds_3 missing log records: replayed X < committed Y - Part 2
7089422ldap client uses bindTimeLimit instead of searchTimeLimit when searching for entries
7090133Large READs are broken with krb5i or krb5p with NFS Zero-Copy turned on
7090153table-free akInputRadio
7090166ak_dataspan_stashed needs a reality check
7091223command to prune datasets
7092116Extremely sluggish 7420 node due to heap fragmentation
7093687LDAP client/ldap_cachemgr: long delays in failover to secondary Directory Server
7098553deadlock when recursive zfs_inactive collides with zfs_unmount
7099848Phone Home logs still refer to SUN support
7102888akShow() can clobber CSS
7103620akInputRadio consumers must be explicit in their use of subinputs as labels
7104363Influx of snapshots can stall resilvering
7105404appliance unavailable due to zio_arena fragmentation
7107750SMB kernel door client times out too early on authentication requests
7108243ldap_cachemgr spins on configuration error
7114579Operations per second broken down by share reports "Datum not present" for most time periods
7114890Ak Build tools should accommodate double-slashes in paths
7117823RPC: Can't decode result after READ of zero bytes
7118230Need to deliver CMOS images for Lynxplus SW 1.5
7121760failure to post an alert causes a umem double-free
7122403akCreateLabel(): helper function for creating LABEL elements
7122405several Analytics CLI commands do not check for extra arguments
7122426akParseDateTime() could be a bit more flexible
7123096panic: LU is done with the task but LPORT is not done, itask ffffff9f59c540a0 itask_flags 3204
7125626fmtopo shows duplicate target-path for both sims in a tray starting in 2010.q3.4 and 2011.1.1
7126842NTLMSSP negotiation fails with 0xC00000BB (NT_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED)
7128218uio_to_mblk() doesn't check for esballoca() failure
7129787status could be uninitialized in netlogon_logon function
7130441CPU is pegging out at 98%
7131965SMB stops serving data (still running) Need to reset smb to fix issue
7133069smbserver locks up on 7320 running 2011.1. Can't kill the service
7133619Need to deliver CMOS image for SW 1.3 for Otoro
7133643Need to deliver CMOS image for SW 1.2 for Otoro+
7142320Enable DNS defer-on-fail functionality
7144155idmap kernel module has lock contention calling zone_getspecific()
7144745Online help Application Integration - MOS should be replaced with OTN
7145938Add maximum cards for 7420 10GbE, FC, Quad GbE, and InfiniBand
7146346Online Help: Document Sun ZFS Backup Appliance
7149992Update doc to include 7320 DRAM
7152262double-digit firefox version number throws off appliance version checks
7153789ldapcachemgr lint warnings
7154895Remove CMOS images for Lynx+ SW 1.5
7155512lint warning in usr/src/cmd/ldapcachemgr/cachemgr_change.c
7158091BUI Alert Banner and Wait Dialog are not functioning correctly
7158094Still not ready for 9005
7158519dataset class authorization doesn't work as expected
7158522pruning an unsaved dataset does nothing but looks like it working continuously
7160553NMI does not panic appliance platforms using apix
7161060system hang due to physical memory exhaustion seen when major shift in workload
7165883arc data shrinks continuously after arc grew to reach its steady state

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