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  • November 5, 2015

Managing Storage for your 12c Pluggable Databases

A new version
of the Oracle Enterprise Manager plug-in for Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is
out! The latest release brings in deep visibility, all the way down to the
storage system for each pluggable database in Oracle Database 12c installations. Sounds incredible
right? Owning the complete stack – from application to storage layer has helped
us create product enhancements that provide unique value to the end users. With
the Oracle Enterprise Manager plug-in for Oracle ZFSSA we have done just that, by
allowing DBAs to monitor and manage their database storage through a single
glass pane and through an interface they are most familiar with.

Oracle ZFS
Storage comes with a built-in analytics tool that provides powerful diagnostic
capability to the storage administrator. With the Enterprise Manager plug-in,
we have created the ability to pull these rich sets of storage analytics into a
central repository within Enterprise Manager and present them through the Enterprise
Manager console. This way the administrator has to monitor only a single
interface to get a comprehensive view of their environment.

The latest
revision of the plug-in adds storage performance monitoring to an individual
pluggable database level, enabling a database administrator to easily manage
complex multitenant Oracle Database 12c environments.
Let me give you an example.

Imagine you are a database administrator managing a
large Oracle Multitenant Oracle Database 12c
installation. When LGWR writes to disk, all pluggable databases’ workloads are
written at once, because LGWR works at the container level. If you see a spike
in the IOPS to the disk, traditionally, you have little visibility into the
effect of an individual pluggable database on the overall storage performance. With
the latest revision of the plug-in, you can break down I/O traffic by each
pluggable database within the container and observe the contribution of each
individual database on the performance of the system.

The per-database (or pluggable database) level
drill downs help a DBA to identify database-related storage issues, with 67
percent fewer steps. This new functionality combined with the ability to self-administer
storage resources for the database such as provisioning filesystems, LUNs, changing
share settings for optimal performance, all from the Enterprise Manager enables
the DBA to take back control of their environment.

The Enterprise Manager plug-in for Oracle ZFSSA is
one of the outcomes of the deep co-engineering efforts between Oracle Database
and ZFSSA. With Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol, Automatic Data
Optimization and Hybrid Columnar Compression you can unlock unparalleled
performance and efficiency gains in your 12c

To learn more about the plug-in, visit https://www.oracle.com/storage/nas/em-plug-in/index.html.

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