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Introducing Oracle ZFS Storage ZS7-2

Cindy Swearingen
Principal Product Manager

Today, we are introducing the Oracle ZFS Storage ZS7-2, available in two configurations:

  • Mid-range - a mid-range unified storage system ideal for use with performance-intensive, dynamic workloads at an attractive price point.
  • High-end - a high-end enterprise unified storage system for workloads demanding extreme performance and scalability at a price point that rivals competitive midrange and high-end systems.

Both models are economically compelling enterprise storage solutions for workloads that demand extreme performance, from Oracle Database environments to large-scale virtualized environments to traditional server environments.

Oracle ZFS Storage ZS7-2 runs software version OS8.8.0 (2013.1.8.0), with the latest technical advancements from the Oracle ZFS Storage engineering team. This release introduces the following new features:

  • Administrator AD Credentials
  • Average Latency Statistics
  • Customized Banner in BUI/CLI
  • Custom Alerts through Workflows
  • Data Deduplication & Storage Pool Usage
  • I/O Throttling for Filesystems
  • LDAP Server Preference Order
  • REST 2.0
  • Rest Login Tokens
  • SAS Cabling Fault Diagnosis
  • Scrub Scheduling
  • SNMP MIB Enhancements
  • SNMP AES Privacy Algorithm
  • Storage Pool Encryption
  • Support LDAP STARTTLS on POR389
  • Username-based Default Directory for FTP Service

The OS8.8.0 release is required for the ZS7-2 controllers, but is also available for download for the following Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance platforms: ZS5-4, ZS5-2, ZS4-4, ZS3-4, ZS3-2, 7420 and 7320.

OS8.8 feature descriptions and details about the ZS7-2 platform are covered in the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance: Software Updates (Doc ID 2021771.1) that is available on MOS.


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Comments ( 2 )
  • Jones Monday, February 18, 2019
    Typical announcements for the platforms tend to include information on improvements compared to the previous version. Is there any news on how this compares to the ZS5-2 performance wise ?
  • Cindy Swearingen Monday, February 18, 2019
    Hi Jones,
    ZS7-2 is about 30% faster than the ZS5 platform overall. The ZS5 platform is about 10% faster running OS8.8 than previous versions.
    We updated our specsfs2014 results with ZS7-2 and will be updating more results soon, available here: https://www.spec.org/sfs2014/results/sfs2014.html
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