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Watching Women's History Unfold in NH this Week

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I live in NH and am very excited about today's 1st in the Nation Presidential Primary that is taking place here today(I've already been blogging a little on this via the Sun Communicators' Group Blog)

It's only Tuesday and it's already been an exciting week.

In Nashua,NH  the first woman mayor for the city was inaugurated on Sunday morning during the 104th Inauguration of Nashua City Government - there were also some women being inaugurated for the Board of Aldermen (which was an all male board in 2007).

Ironically, as these women in city government were being sworn in to office, thousands of people were outside of the same venue, waiting in line to see one of the top Democratic candidates (a woman!) who is running for President of the United States.  (The City Inauguration took place at 10 am and the Presidential Campaign Rally was at 12noon)

Don't forget that women did not have the right to even vote in the United States until the Nineteenth Amendment was passed on August 26, 1920.   

It's amazing to know that there are women who are alive today - our mothers and grandmothers who at one time, were not allowed to vote - it was against the law.  And today, these same women get to see a woman's name on the ballot as one of the many PEOPLE who are running for President in 2008. 

No matter which candidate you may support, or vote for, we are living and participating in history.
That is something to stop and think about today.

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