Monday Dec 03, 2007

The Season of Giving Continues.....

Last week, Mary recognized the work that we're doing at Sun's NH office for the Nashua Children's Home.  (I just love the NCH project and get excited every year seeing Sun employees make an extra effort to provide local kids with happy holiday memories!)

This week, I'd like to give a 'shout out' for the additional project that Sun Women in the Boston area are leading right now.....a HUGE drive to support the Lowell Wish Project.    Within just a few days, 99 "wish tags" were accounted for by Sun employees in the Boston area -- and I know many of them are out shopping tonite.

This project is being led by Michele Walker and Tricia Teixeira (both are people I've known for many years at Sun and I'm glad that this project helped us to get reacquainted.)  This is the first drive that Michele and Tricia have led for the entire Burlington campus and their energy and enthusiasm has been inspiring to our local employees.

I wondered how they would manage so many 'wishes' knowing that our local community is very distributed.   With their IT and Web backgrounds, they convinced some of our engineering employees to donate some volunteer time to create an internal wiki - kind of a virtual holiday tree - for employees to access 'tags' from anywhere.   Very cool and I'm sure the start of a best practice that will be replicated across Sun.

Thank you to Tricia and Michele for the work you've done....I'll look forward to joining you and all of the other volunteers whom you recruited to take care of the final packaging and delivery at our Burlington campus later next week! 

Monday Nov 26, 2007

The season of giving

Women@Sun organizaitons around the world are organizing different holiday drives this time of year to give back to the communities where we operate.

As I find out more about details, I'll update with those here.

Meanwhile, I wanted to quickly give you visiblity into some fantastic work led by Sandy Belknap, Terri McClellan, and Cynthia Tello, who are based at Sun's offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 

It's a gift drive that will benefit the Nashua Children's Home.

The Home is home 44 children, ages 7-18 who are put in their care by the courts, as result of abuse or neglect.

Every year, since 2001, Women@Sun in this region have organized a drive to make sure these children receive something special for the holidays.

I had the opportunity to visit the Nasuha Children's Home last year.

I've seen the investment that Sandy and the very generous employees her efforts have helped mobilize have made over the years; and the people who've benefited.

It makes me so to be able to call these people my colleagues.


Tuesday Sep 18, 2007

Oct. 5 - Help Collect Computers in Denver

Need 10-15 volunteers to pick up donated computers in Denver, CO. Please contact Carla.Morales@Sun.Com to volunteer.

Friday, October 5, 8am
1160 E. 18th Avenue
Denver, CO 80218
(old hospital main ISD building)

For many years, Carla Morales, a local Sun employee, has been rebuilding computer systems and donating them to nonprofit educational facilities, senior citizens, day care centers, low income families, low income college students and churches throughout the state of Colorado. She has been able to do this through the various organization/business partners she has built relationships with. Through these partnerships she receives computer and parts donations.

She has a great opportunity to help her mission and needs your help. Children's Hospital is moving in the next couple of weeks and has purchased a number of new computers and has offered to Carla's program 900 computers along with keyboards & mice, no monitors.

Carla has to go to each floor of the old hospital and collect the computers. She will need a team of 10-15 volunteers to help her accomplish this task. Carla would hate to have to give up any of the computers. Just think 900 families will benefit from this great donation.
The scheduled date for pickup is Friday, October 5th starting at 8am. Pickup will be at the old hospital main ISD building 1160 E. 18th Avenue Denver, CO 80218.

Contact Carla.Morales@Sun.Com to sign up to volunteer. If a department is interested in a team-building event, this would be perfect. If you can’t make it, do you know others who can: college students, high school students, etc?


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