Friday Sep 21, 2012

Oracle will be a Bronze Sponsor of Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

Oracle is proud to be a Bronze Sponsor at the upcoming Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing from October 3-6, 2012 in Baltimore, MD. Oracle's Women's Leadership group, Oracle's Diversity & Inclusion program and Product Development are proud to be behind this sponsorship.

Several women from Oracle will be presenting and participating at the conference:
  • Industry Track: "From Engineer to Executive; The Path Forward", speaker Susan Zwinger VP, Global Systems Technology Service Center
  • Theme Track: "Are We There Yet? Finding Your Career Sweet Spot", speaker Gilda Garreton, Principal Software Engineer
  • Birds of a feather:  "Juggling Our Different Worlds", speaker Gilda Garreton
  • New Investigator Co-Chair, Gilda Garreton
  • Communities Committee Co-Chair, Valerie Fenwick, Manager Software Development
  • "Considering a shift in career from Technical towards Management?" table host,  Valerie Fenwick
Oracle will have a booth as well, so stop by and introduce yourself!

Monday Sep 19, 2011

Oracle Will be a Silver Sponsor of Grace Hopper

Oracle is pleased to be a Silver Sponsor for the upcoming Grace Hopper Celebration
of Women in Computing
in Portland, Oregon November 9-12, 2011. Oracle's Women's
Leadership group and Oracle's Diversity program are proud to be behind this

Several women from Oracle will be presenting at the conference:

  • "Career Experiences, Challenges and Opportunities", Ana Chang
  • "Security Attacks! Countermeasures and Protecting Yourself Online", Valerie Fenwick
  • BoF: "Speed Mentoring for Women in Color in Technology", Gilda Garreton
  • BoF: "Industry Researcher", Gilda Garreton
  • Research Lunch Organizer, Tarik Ono
Oracle will be recruiting at the event as well, so bring your resumes and look for the Oracle booth!

Monday May 18, 2009

13 Sun Presentations at Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

The Hopper conference announced its acceptances yesterday. I just finished collecting review results from Sun's submitters. Sun staff submitted or were part of groups which submitted 19 proposals to Hopper 2009 and 13 were accepted (69%) - Sun's best acceptance rate ever! This includes Susan Landau's invited technical talk. The 2009 Sun presenters are from a very broad range of Engineering disciplines: Microelectronics, Software, Storage, Sun Labs, and the Systems group.

GHC 2009 will be held:

      Tucson, Arizona
      September 30 - October 3, 2009

Sun will be a Platinum Corporate Sponsor for the Hopper conference again this year.

For more, see the detailed list on

-- Katy Dickinson
Director, Business Process Architecture,
Chief Technologist's Office

Tuesday Sep 09, 2008

Women in Technology Workshop - Boston Area

 Women in Technology Workshop - Boston Area

Workshop Details:

Registration Information:

Official website of the EmTech Conference:

Wednesday Dec 12, 2007

Sun Women in Boston Dine with Jack and Suzy Welch

OK....we really didn't 'dine' with Jack and Suzy, but we were all together during the keynote luncheon program where the Welches co-presented during an interview session.  They were both on the stage, which was an interesting approach at a women's conference.

This took place at the Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston on December 11, 2007. 

Karen Tegan Padir (One on Boston's Women to Watch and an exec at Sun) sponsored two tables for over 20 Sun Women in the Boston area to attend this event. 

Here's a picture of most of us (who by the way represent just about every business group across Sun):

Last year there were about a dozen of us who attended - I hope that someday we have a presence there like Raytheon had yesterday - they sent all 500 of their Massachusetts based women or State Street, one of the sponsors, that had 700 women attend!

With so much info to share, it's going to take more than one blog entry to share what I learned let me start with our lunch with Jack and Suzy -- here are the things, that aren't the standard things you hear at conferences like this, that I jotted down as far as business advice:

Jack said, "Networking is nice....but it's all about over-delivering." He went on to explain that to get ahead you need to learn the 'game.'  And that is all about "making your boss look smart." (I don't think my boss reads this blog, so I'm not worried about him catching on to this advice I picked up and already am putting into action!) 

When asked about work/life balance, he said that he doesn't "believe in work life balance."  You could have heard a pin drop!  He continued to explain, that  "it's all about work/life CHOICES."  He added, "You don't get to be chairman of GE by being dad of the year." 

This was interesting to me - here he was talking about this at a WOMEN'S CONFERENCE.   He did quip that even when he was "21 that [he] didn't have this many women listening to [him]."    

Interestingly, I wondered to myself how the audience would respond to his insights -- and guess what?  Many of the people I talked to found his comments to be insightful and accurate. 

What do you think?

Friday Oct 26, 2007

Last Year - Lunch w/Maya Angelou, This Year - Lunch w/Suzy & Jack Welch

The Sun Women in the Boston area are marking our calendars to attend the MA Conference for Women on December 11, 2007 at the Boston Convention Center. 

We had such a  positive experience in 2006 - It included a lunch time session with Dr. Maya Angelou and  the opportunity to take a day to focus on our own career development. 

We also networked with  women from not only local tech companies, but from other industries as well - state and local government, financial services companies, educational institutions, etc.  Most impressive was the amount of young women there - not just representing local colleges and university - but also young women from local highschools who were sponsored by local businesses to attend the event.

Here's a look at the line up - the speakers and topics - And here are the 2007 Keynote Speakers:

Anna Quindlen René Syler Jack Welch Suzy Welch

If you plan to attend this event and would like to meet some of the women from Sun who will be there - drop a note via the comments section in this blog or just look for us on December 11 at the convention center in Boson - we'll all have Sun Microsystems on our nametags!


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