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A Tribute to All Women Today!

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Happy International Women's Day (IWD)!  Here's a highlevel summary on how IWD evolved.

This blog has been providing info leading up to this day, and we're being made aware of insights on IWD from other bloggers.

Manjula, with Sun in India sent me this beautiful blog entry - She Rocks the World.

Take some time to check the blogroll at Sun throughout the day for thoughts from other Sun employees.

You can also hear thoughts from women around the world via a series of podcasts available from the United Nations.  Sun blogger MaryMary is included among a list of impressive women:

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  • Anjana Sriram Thursday, March 8, 2007
    Sandy, I think that in a country like India, Women's Day should be given a lot more importance. It’s not until recently that people here have started understanding the concept of women's independence. Women in India have come a long way through exploitation, harassment, and subjugation. Today’s woman is a blend of traditional values and contemporary style. She is a storehouse of incredible force and brings colors to life.
    Happy Women's Day to you! http://blogs.sun.com/ansriram
  • Karena Angell Thursday, March 8, 2007
    In honor of today, Paul Monday from the Project Blackbox Blog highlighted an interview he had with Darlene Yaplee - Sun Vice President Project Blackbox for Marketing and Business Development. It's great seeing women all over the world being honored and recognized today.
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