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A Guy's Perspective of our Int'l Women's Day Activities

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One of my observations from last week's WITI event at Sun in Burlington (that I was not going to call out here) is that 2 men attended the event (about 50 people total).  BTW - All employees at Sun were invited, afterall our Women's Employee Resource Network is a Diversity AND Inclusion activity, so it's great to see that people are realizing this.

But, since this came up in Quentin's Blog, it gives me a chance to bring it up here, too. (And to thank Sun's men for their support!)


                                                     Mary (our WITI panel moderator) and Quentin before the event.

You can read about the event, from Quentin's perspective, on his blog.

In addition to Quentin, who works in the Systems group,  Josh, from Sun's Field Marketing group, actively participated in the networking session and stayed for the Web 2.0 panel, too.     


                                    Josh is wearing this sharp looking WITI cap that he won for being able to tell us about Grace Hopper.
                                                           We had a little Women's History Quiz for WITI's give-aways!

I've been told that the WITI cap now belongs to Josh's daughter who brought it to school the next day to show it to her friends! (Very cool!)

It's the guys like Quentin and Josh who help our Women at Sun-sponsored events and gatherings to be successful. They do this by joining us for sessions like this and telling others about the value of our network.  

A world of THANKS to Quentin and Josh - and to all the guys at Sun who support our efforts!

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