Thursday Nov 29, 2007

Apache Derby now tested with phoneME advanced

Apache Derby is now tested with the open source JavaME CDC stack, popularly known as phoneME advanced platform. The Apache derby community recently carried out this exercise and it did not take them long to flag GREEN.

So, Try Apache derby on phoneME advanced !

For more information on the Java ME support, please follow the Apache Derby Wiki page.

Monday Nov 26, 2007

OSDB at Sun Tech Days, 2007, Shanghai and Beijing

OpenSource Database technologies such as Java DB and PostgreSQL got a lot of attention at Sun tech days in China. This blog is enough evidence of the busy times we had at the database booth at Shanghai tech days. The story was the same at Beijing with even more people visiting our booth.

China is very impressive! They have a strong and matured developer community. We do not get to see them, work with them in the communities much, may be because of the language barrier there is, but I was actually amazed by the kind of knowledge and expertise they have. It will be really nice to see more of them in the communities.

During the course of both the tech days, I interacted with a lot of people, mostly developers, marketing folks and students. I was doing a dual role at Shanghai evangelizing Java DB and PostgreSQL, as we had only one booth for both the technologies. At Beijing, we managed to have separate booths and I was mainly doing Java DB. Manyi's talk at Shanghai tech days was a great success for the kind of
response we got and the amount of interest that was shown in Java DB by the audience.

It was very overwhelming to see that the developers were keen to understand how they can use Java DB in the multi tier system. This was a very frequent question that we faced including few very focused discussions around how Java DB could be used in the middle tier for their specific design. I genuinely felt a need for more focused talk on 'Java DB in multi-tier architecture'.

Another frequent question that is worth a mention here is weather it is possible to use Java DB in consumer and mobile devices. The fact that there is more demand in china/japan for sophisticated gadgets, this was not so surprising. It was really useful to talk to many developers and understand their applications. In a lot of their applications like test automation systems, in-house group blogs and other web based utilities, I could help them understand how Java DB could be useful. Given the amount of good work we are doing at the Apache derby community, it was satisfying to see that people will benefit from its rich feature set.

The trip was a great experience and having Manyi Lu and Wei-chen Lu (who can speak chinese fluently) was a great help for me to be able to interact with people only speaking  Chinese.

Manyi also shared her tech days experience, that is available here.

Thursday Oct 04, 2007

Indians are googling Java DB !!

A simple query on google-trends shows that Bangalore, the software capital of India and chennai, the next one to bangalore, are topping the list of  Java DB demand. Asia is at the highest spot among the regions and India is at the top.

hmm... Interesting !

Tuesday Apr 24, 2007

Java apps on Compiz/Solaris

Thanks to Moinak, Running Compiz on Solaris is a kick, really!!

But soon, I figured that my Netbeans won't run properly only when compiz is running. Netbeans main window would be Blank, but if you try to click 'Open' on your tool bar (you won't see any buttons though, you will have to remember where your 'Open' tool button was!), the dialog box would appear fine.

Some NB experts pointed me to this Java bug, which is now Fixed in JavaSE 6_u1 (Update 1). I upgraded my JDK to this latest version and the problem is now gone.

So, Get Compiz on Solaris, Upgrade your JDK to 6_u1 and Enjoy the KICK!! :)




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