Tuesday Dec 02, 2008

FOSS.IN/2008 Report

The FOSS.IN/2008 was a very different event than what it has been and I think that is how it was intended to be. This year, it was a contributor's event in its true sense. A bunch of folks representing community 'X', sitting together and hacking/discussing something is the only thing one could see at the event. Although, about 1000 people registered for the event, I did not see more than about 450 people at any given time.

personally, I did not enjoy FOSS as much as I have in the past. Somewhere the energy seemed lacking. The main reason I think was simply the fact that number of people around you were far less than ever. Plus, the people who attended FOSS seemed to have a set agenda w.r.t to their own communities. Of course, the idea of FOSS this year in itself was to meet with fellow community members and discuss things specific to their communities, but the whole idea of having far less people around you was not too encouraging.

hacking KDE at FOSS.IN/2008 I attended most of the sessions I planned to attend, but for the Belenix workout. It was on Saturday and I had something else to take care of. The one thing that I am taking back with me from the this conference is my improved understanding of adding SDT Dtrace probes to C/C++ applications. This happened thorough the Gnome/KDE dtrace workouts that I attended. My next goal is to play around with Dtrace and wxWidgets libraries (something that I am maintaining for OpenSolaris recently) and see what probes could help diagnose GUI applications based on wxWidgets.

The rest of the time, I spent at Sun booth, talking to people about OpenSolaris, dtrace, zfs and MySQL. At the booth, we were running a couple of contests/exercises. One, to get people to install VirtualBox and have OpenSolaris as a guest and secondly, we had dtrace one liners printed out for people which can be tried on their OpenSolaris guests. Given the number of people at the event, the turn out at the booth was not overwhelming. I could connect with hardly couple of hundreds of people, which is far less than the previous year. I loved the complete new look of Sun brochures this time and of course, the Sun/Fossin jackets!

Thursday Nov 20, 2008

Get set for FOSS.IN/2008

It seems as if it was not too long ago, when a bunch of us, OpenSolaris enthusiasts, were hacking on OpenSolaris and fixing some byte size bugs at the HackCenter @ FOSS.IN/2007. The great degree of enthusiam and energy at the event makes it the Best FOSS event in India in my opinion.

Its that time of the year again and the format of the event has changed, yet again. The big list of talks is out and workouts are in. This year, the event features only a handful of talks and more workouts/hackathons. The message, "Talk is cheap, Show me the code", is crystal clear with an open invitation to all the contributors and only the contributors. Well, so far, there are hardly 1000 people registered for the event, but it seems like they all have a clear plan as to what they will 'code' at the event, rather than a huge number of lurkers who just come to listen.

So, Whats my plan?? I am really excited to see a good number of workouts around OpenSolaris and a bit disappointed that there is no Open Source Database (MySQL, PostgreSQL and Derby) presence. I am planning to attend all the OpenSolaris related workouts. For those who are interested in OpenSolaris, please note the following events and lets Dtrace together.

\* Workouts-

- Profile Gnome using Dtrace, Thursday, 27th Nov, 10:00 am, C/60

- Adding Dtrace probes to KDE, Friday, 28th Nov, 02:00 pm, C/60

- Alternate OS probe module for Belenix Installer, 29th Nov, 02:00 pm, C/60

\* Talks-

- KDE on Solaris, Wednesday, 26th Nov, 03:30 pm, JNTata

The other talks that I plan to attend include,

- How to do embedded Linux right, Tuesday, 25th Nov, 10:00 am, JNTata

- Lustre: A scalable clustered FileSystem, Thursday, 27th Nov, 05:00 pm, JNTata

The detailed schedule is here. Like in the past, FOSS.IN this year, is focused on Open Source systems technologies, there is hardly any presence of open source web technologies like Glassfish, OpenSocial, OpenJDK etc. It will be good to see these technologies at FOSS.IN.

Anyhow, I am really looking forward to the workout sessions at FOSS.IN this year, see you there!




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