Friday May 25, 2007

JavaDB on JavaME platform

As the consumer devices get more sophisticated, more complicated applications will run on devices and there will be greater need to manage the application data. The need for running database engine on small devices will thus be very critical.

JavaDB, a cost effective, easy to use, fully featured, pure Java database with a very small footprint (2MB), looks very promising  on small devices. I tried running it on the latest phoneME advanced (JavaME CDC) platform and could not resist the excitement of putting the details together in this blog. The procedure is very straight forward.

Prepare your setup as below, 

1. Get the latest phoneME advanced platform. Currently, it is supported only on Linux-x86 platform.
2. Get the latest JavaDB release.
3. You also need the JDBC Optional package library for CDC platform. It can be built from the source using the step by step instructions.

Now, try following on your linux box,

<CDC_HOME>/bin/cvm -Xbootclasspath/a:<JDBC_OP>/foundation_jdbc.jar 
-cp <JAVADB_HOME>/lib/derby.jar:<JAVADB_HOME>/lib/derbytools.jar

Note here that the JDBC Op package can also be built along with CDC binaries, as mentioned here. then, Xbootclasspath need not be specifed while running. By default, the CDC build does not include JDBC Op package, hence we include it in our example.

Please note that, JSR 169, The JDBC Optional package does not support java.sql.Driver. So, the 'ij' cannot be used in its typical form to connect to database via a JDBC driver. The connection in this case is established using the JDBC DataSource.

This will bring up the íj prompt. 'ij' provides Command Line Interface to interact with a database using SQL. You may create such connection directly from your ME application using DataSource objects. You can try some simple steps like below to further test this setup.

ij> create table t (id int not null, addr varchar(20));
0 rows inserted/updated/deleted
ij> insert into t values (1, 'PlanetSun');
1 row inserted/updated/deleted
ij> select \* from t;
ID         |ADDR                
1          |PlanetSun           
1 row selected
ij> exit;

Any database that may have been created by desktop Java application can be read/modified on JavaME platform and the same database can be used by the desktop application again. This can be accomplished so easily only with Java-JavaDB combination!

Wednesday May 23, 2007

Building JDBC for CDC/Foundation

JDBC Optional Package for CDC/Foundation Profile
was released back in 2004. This optional package is required on the CDC platform for any JDBC driver to work. As part of the Reference Implementation download, only source (and documentation) bundle was released. The intent here was that people who have ported CDC platform to their own platform of interest should be able to build JDBC Op Package from this source against the built binary.

The building instructions in the README file of the source bundle are some what vague and there was no clarity on this as CDC platform itself was not Generally Available. Recently, As part of the Open Source effort, mobile and embedded community was formed and CDC platform binaries (for Linux-x86 platform) are now easily available for download, as phoneME Advanced project. With this change, I believe it is more critical to have clarity around building this package.


The steps for Building JDBC Optional Package on phoneME Advanced platform are as below,

1. Download the JDBC Op Package source bundle from here.

2. Download the latest CDC Platform. Please note that currently, this platform is available only on Linux-x86. This means that you will need linux-x86 box to build JDBC Op package as per these instructions.

3. Prepare with JDK 1.4.2 binary. CDC Platform is compliant with JDK 1.4.x spec and so is the JDBC Op Package. You will need JDK 1.4.x 'javac' to build against the CDC.

4. Run following to build the JDBC Op Package.

4.1 cd <JDBC_Source>/cdcfoundation/src/share/jdbc/classes

4.2 <JDK1.4.x>/bin/javac -bootclasspath <CDC_HOME>/lib/<CDC_HOME>/lib/basis.jar -d <pathtoclasses> java/sql/\*.java

4.3 <JDK1.4.x>/bin/javac -bootclasspath <CDC_HOME>/lib/<CDC_HOME>/lib/basis.jar -d javax/sql/\*.java

Here note that, CDC platform contains 'basis.jar' file, as this set of binaries support Personal Basis profile. if you have built your own CDC from the source bundle with profile 'foundation' or 'Personal Profile', you should replace 'basis.jar' file as 'foundation.jar' or 'personal.jar' respectively.

4.4 cd <pathtoclasses>

4.5 <JDK1.4.x>/bin/jar cvf <JDBCOp>.jar java/sql/\*.class javax/sql/\*.class

I am planning to write a simple Makefile for linux-x86 platform which can be used with the JDBC Op package makefiles. Building the entire package will be just one 'make' command then. But, until I get there, this will be helpful, I believe.


added on May 25, 2007.

If you prefer building JDBC Op package along with CDC binary from its svn repository, then you need to add few lines to your makefiles as pointed out by Chris, here.




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