Thursday Jan 31, 2008

First contribution to Apache derby from Code For Freedom contest

Code For Freedom Contest, as part of the university program at Sun has been running for a few months now. Apache Derby is one of the 5 Open source technologies participating in this contest. We recently had our first contribution to the Apache Derby project through this contest. Jazarine Jamal, a student from Amrita University has contributed Derby-2239.

Apache derby has not been very active project in this contest until very recently when a bunch of students from this University started participating. I have been working with few of the students as their mentor to take them through this fun ride. Last few weeks has been a great mentoring experience for me chatting with them to get their way through building, reproducing, debugging Apache derby code in Netbeans.  The students have shown great amount of interest and sincerity in their activities and I feel happy that we have crossed the initial hurdles now and have established some expertise in the college which other students can leverage. I really appreciate the traction generated among the students by their faculty member Mr. Vipin as much as the enthusiasm shown by the students.

There are some more contributions in the pipeline and  I am looking forward to many more from this college. It is a great success of the contest that it has built a good platform for many more contributions to Apache derby and it will hopefully continue to grow even beyond the scope of this contest.

Thursday Nov 29, 2007

Apache Derby now tested with phoneME advanced

Apache Derby is now tested with the open source JavaME CDC stack, popularly known as phoneME advanced platform. The Apache derby community recently carried out this exercise and it did not take them long to flag GREEN.

So, Try Apache derby on phoneME advanced !

For more information on the Java ME support, please follow the Apache Derby Wiki page.

Monday Apr 09, 2007

Whats Sun doing in the database world?

This cool podcast talks about how Sun is contributing to the Database world.

While this could well be a surprise to people who associate Sun with Java, Solaris and other in-house innovations, I think it is a clear indication that the company is not only committed to open-sourcing its own products but is also comitted to open-source projects in other technology areas.

Tuesday Feb 27, 2007

JavaDB at Sun Tech Days 2007, Hyderabad

The Sun Tech Days 2007, Hyderabad saw around 10000 people this year and was probably the biggest event in its history so far. The event featured many Sun technologies over the span of 3 days. The first 2 days followed a typical Tech Days course that included talks, hands-on sessions, the pods and the last day was dedicated to Netbeans, OpenSolaris and JavaME technologies running in parallel.


Manyi Lu, presented introduction to JavaDB in the Java track on the first day. The presentation was attended by around 800 people and was received very well.

Anurag and me, along with Manyi, manned the JavaDB pod that was setup for the first 2 days. Anurag had prepared a demo showing a  catalog application using JavaDB. The classic "Derby Tax Demo" was also on display.


Total turnout at the exhibition was really huge and it was difficult for 3 of us to engage with everyone during the breaks. Students from local universities were more than the corporate representatives at the event. It was really overwhleming to see the interest shown by the corporates towards JavaDB. At the stall, we interacted with people representing government organizations (including Indian Space Research Organization), IT & ITES companies and various Training institutes apart from student community.

 JavaDB pod at Sun Tech Days 2007 

 The most frequent question we had to answer was, "How different this is from already available DBs in the market and especially Oracle?". We spent a lot of time telling people about how JavaDB is targeted for different set of DB applications (what we call them as departmental apps), explaining them about the key features of JavaDB and I believe people were satisfied as a lot of them seemed to be really keen on using JavaDB. Many DB developers were impressed to see a fully featured db engine packaged in just 2MB binary size.

Following is the list common questions asked,

      • Are there any migration tools from MySQL and Oracle to JavaDB?
      • Can we access JavaDB from PHP?
      • Are there free online courses on JavaDB?
      • Are there clustering capabilities in JavaDB?
      • Is there any in-built GUI ??

We also got an opportunity to interact with corporates who brought up their specific use-cases/apps where they can consider JavaDB. We had discussions on specific features of other DBs which they find very useful and if JavaDB supports them. I am happy to say that all such features that we talked about are either already integrated or are on our roadmap (migration tools, grant-revoke, blob/clob support). Some students and corporates were keen on being a part of the community and contributing to it.


I think the event was a great success from JavaDB perspective in terms of increasing awareness among the huge developer community in India.

Madhu posted pictures of the entire event which is definitely worth a look.

Thursday Jun 29, 2006

JavaDB/Postgres Support now available from SUN

Sun has recently announced Support for Open Source Databases, Postgres and JavaDB with announcement of Solaris10(Update2). Service Plans are now available for the customers with Solaris 10 OS 6/06 (S10 U2). While Postgres support is available only on Solaris, please note that JavaDB support is available on Solaris, Linux, Windows & HP-UX platforms.
Customers need to contact their local Sun representatives for pricing information.

The official page on the sun site is here.

Monday Apr 03, 2006

JavaDB is now available!

Good news for Apache Derby - Sun has gotten behind Derby and is also going to provide support for it.
Sun's Java DB is now officially available for download at here.

Check out Java DB's home

Also, the article talking about how to use Java DB in the desktop got top billing at Sun.




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