Friday Apr 04, 2008

Updated plugin - Visual Web Woodstock Component Theme Builder

I have updated Visual Web Woodstock Component Theme Builder to work with Netbeans  releases. The updated  plugins available are for

For details on how to install and use the  plugin read my previous blog

Creating Netbeans 6.0 Visual Web Components Custom Theme Using Theme Builder

As I mentioned in that blog, you can directly add the jar created using Theme Builder project to any Visual Web Application. Interestingly, if you change CSS or messages in the Theme Builder project, just build the project to create the jar and refresh the page in the Web application that uses that jar. The changes should be  reflected  immediately in that page.  

Note: I noticed that the project build might fail if there are spaces in the project path. Try to create the project with out spaces in the path.

Sunday Nov 04, 2007

NB 6.0 Tip: Finding the examples for Visual Web Woodstock AJAX Components

Do you know each and every Woodstock AJAX Component bundled with Netbeans 6.0 Visual Web has plenty of examples explaining every details of the component. My recommendation is to go through these examples to learn about the powerful features of these components.

Getting these examples is very easy. They are available in the TLD documents which are bundled in the IDE. To bring up the TLD documentation invoke the action Help -> Javadoc Reference -> Project Woodstock 4.1 Tag Library.

TLD Doc Menu

This brings up the browser with component TLD doc. The examples are embedded in the TLD description

Component Example

Here is an example in the Button TLD doc for Asynchronous Update

Wednesday Oct 31, 2007

NB 6.0 plugin for Predefined Visual Web Page Layouts

One of the glaring gap in the Netbeans Visual Web Application development is lack of ability to create Pages using predefined Page Layouts. Currently Visual Web users create a Visual Web JSF page using New -> Visual JSF page. This creates the "boring" empty page with no page layouts. It is up to the users to create their page layouts. Users tend to create Page Layout using external tools like Dream Weaver and import them in to VW pages. Unfortunately, page layouts created using these external tools require lots of hand crafting to fit in the VW design paradigm. I was thinking, how nice it would be if Visual Web provides some predefined Page Layouts for the users to select when they create their pages. So I wrote this experimental module that allows you to select such predefined Page Layouts.

Disclaimer:This is not a Netbeans 6.0 release supported plugin. It did not go through any rigorous QA tests like other Netbeans 6.0 Visual Web plugins. So comes without out any warranty.

Download the plugin sources:

Steps to install the plugin and create page from Page Layout

  • Download and install Netbeans 6.0 Beta2 (Important: You need NB 6.0 Beta2 or later)

  • Download and install the plugin org-netbeans-modules-visualweb-woodstock-pagetemplates.nbm

  • Once you installed the plugin, it is easy to create a Visual Web Page with one of the predefined Page Layout. Install Page Layout Module

  • Next create a Visual Web Page using New -> Visual Web JSF Page as usual. You will notice that New wizard has one more panel. Page Layout creation wizard

  • Select a Page Layout and click finish. This creates the page with desired layout which can be edited in the designer later.
    Page with Page Layout in the designer

Note: As I mentioned earlier, this is an experimental module and the Page Layouts I've added are experimental too. If you think this module should be converted to an officially supported module, leave a comment to this blog or vote for the feature request at the issue #120748. My idea is to pick some layouts from Open Source Web Design and convert them as Visual Web Page Layouts and present them via the New Page Wizard. Here is an example (andreas01)

OSWD Page Layout

See also

How to Create a CSS based Page Layout
How to create your own Visual Web Page Layout Plugin


Wednesday Dec 06, 2006

Final release of Visual Web Pack for Netbeans 5.5 is available now

Visual web pack for Netbeans 5.5 (VWP) has been released today. Thanks to all those who downloaded the Technology Preview of VWP and send us your valuable feedback. Hundreds of bugs have been fixed and several enhancements incorporated for the final release.

You can download the final release at

Continue to provide us with your suggestions and enhancement request via Issuezilla for a better future release.


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