Creator Tip: Specifying the sources for the debugger to step through

Few Sun Java Studio Creator 2U1 users raised the issue that while they are stepping through their code in the debugger, suddenly they are taken to code which are not written by them. For example, while trying to debug a Cached Data Provider related issue, they are taken to the actual Data Provider code that are not written by them, but comes bundled with Sun Java Studio Creator IDE.

The reason is, the sources related to Data Provider, Application Model and Web UI components are also bundled with Creator IDE. They are available in the directory <creator-install>/rave2.0/docs. Since they are added to the IDE library references for code completion, they also become part of debugger source level debugging.   

However, you can tell the debugger not to step in to these bundled source, by deselecting them from the list of source jars/zips maintained by the debugger. To do this, invoke the window that displays the list of source jars/zips from View Menu -> debugging -> sources or use the keyboard shortcut  Alt+shift+8.

In the Source Root / Filter Window deselect the source root which you do not want to step through. For example deselect the if you don not want to step through the bundled Data Provider source.

Table with drop down in the Title Bar

On the other hand you might want to step through source code of some external Library you have added to the project. To accomplish this, first you need to add a Library reference. Then add the source jar to the library reference. After invoking the Library Manager from Tools menu, create a New Library. Click on the Sources tab of the added new library reference and add your source jar to it by clicking on the Add Jar/Folder button. The added source jar will automatically appear in the Source Root / Filter window (shown above) which you can select for stepping through the code.

Table with drop down in the Title Bar


Thanks so much for posting this blog! I'm in a small development group that is the first to use Creator at our University for a web application using web services to interact with our PeopleSoft ERP. Its been an interesting learning process and I'm happy to say that, while some thought that using Creator would never lead to a production-worthy application, we've released our v1.0 this week and our users are very happy with the results. I'm posting these comments in this debug posting because we've encountered a problem that we don't really understand and haven't been able to resolve using debug. Plus, I didn't know if Sun's website has a place to report or get help with these issues. We've used the built-in CVS tool in Creator with varying success. The main issue is that it appears that updating a working directory to the latest revision in the CVS Root can cause Creator's deployment server to fail to deploy/run the project. Creator starts the web browser and states that its waiting for the local host, but then nothing ever happens - no error or anyting. Eventually the page just stops attempting to load. Are there files unique to each Creator local installation that shouldn't be updated using CVS? Thanks for any input that you could offer.

Posted by Jeremy Uffens on October 11, 2006 at 02:14 AM PDT #

Winston, Thanks for the blog. But, when I tried the second part of your suggestion, and I try to view source from that external library, i'm told source can't be found, even though i've specified it in the library manager, for that library. Regards Haroon

Posted by Haroon Ahmad on October 13, 2006 at 01:44 AM PDT #

Hi Jeremy, you could write to us through the following page

Posted by Winston Prakash on November 10, 2006 at 12:52 AM PST #

Hi Haroon, as I mentioned in my blog, you also need to specify the source to the Debugger through the Source Root / Filter window of the debugger.

Posted by Winston Prakash on November 10, 2006 at 12:56 AM PST #

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