星期二 十二月 02, 2008

AutoPager recommanded by Mozilla editors. AutoPager自动翻页扩展进了Mozilla推荐列表

AutoPager recommanded by Mozilla editors.
Try it now if you haven't installed.


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星期五 五月 02, 2008

Foxbeans Released

Download it here: http://plugins.netbeans.org/PluginPortal/faces/PluginListPage.jsp?search=foxbeans

Foxbeans is a netbeans plugin to support
create Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird addons/extensions using netbeans.
You can also import an existing addons project to netbeans.
Changes on previous releases:

Add importing project support.

Add an options to configure the installed mozilla applications to used
while do the testing. Add the selected mozilla application to the
project node as a refer. Please don't modify files under Application
node unless you what you are doing.

New functions added to

Add i18n support for xul file.

It will search and put the hard coded string for following attribute to a dtd file.





New functions added to

1. Add two functions to add/remove the missed language items from
properties/dtd locale files. Correct Language Files and minimize
Language Files. Correct will add missed string resources, this will
help if you want to release the files. Minimize will remove the string
resources which equal to the default "en-US" ones. This will help to
submit the upgraded files to http://www.babelzilla.org. babelzilla is a site to help localizing mozilla/Firefox addons.

2. Support add extensions to the testing env. You just need put the
addons you want to add to the test profiles to the extensions directory
under your project. They will be automatically installed. For example
you can put the javascript debugger there. XPI files or installed
folders are both supported. You can get the installed addon folders in
your /extensions folder. An small extension have been added by default. It will enable debug chrome files in javascript debugger.

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星期日 三月 16, 2008

A patch to allow archive and download folder in mercurial repository with hgweb

Mercurial provides hgweb cgi scripts to allow you manage mercurial repositories using http server. And it allow download the archive of the repository as zip,tar.gz or tar.bz2. But it not allow you to download a whole sub folder as some other version control system web fronts. I create one patch to add this function. You can find it here.

Use  http://www.teesoft.info/hg/samples/file/tip/netbeans/PaletteDemo1/  as an example. Follow this to set a mercurial repository over http. It's use sourceforge as an examples, but you can also use the similar to other isp if they provide python support.  You can also find the patch I created mercurial 0.9.4.

This is my first try on python. Let me know if you find some error/bug.


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Netbeans 开发之 添加自定义面板到现有编辑器


为了给我自己的 Netbeans插件 Foxbeans 添加功能,所以我最近研究了一下NetBeans插件的开发。这里会记录一些我的发现,以便其他人可以参考。作为第一篇,我先谢谢如何添加自定义面板。先说说如何给现有文件编辑器添加面板。这里我的例子是html编辑器,完整源代码在这里,效果如下,拖到网页上就添加一个 :):

大 的大致工作思路是用一个XML (下面说的smile.xml)文件定义面板中的一个项。这包含它的名称,描述,图标,以及实现它的类名。layer.xml中引用这个文件,把它加入一 个所谓的folder中,每个编辑器可以使用一到多个这种folder中的项。html编辑器使用的是HTMLPalette (JSP使用JSPPalette). 你可以将你的项加入到它的folder中。如果你做过Firefox插件的话,你会看到他们使用的是相同的思路。在Firefox中,这叫 overlay,也就是覆盖。实际上也不是覆盖,而是添加。一些动态语言里有这种类似的语法。你可以向一个已经在其他地方定义的类里添加新的属性和方法。 扯远了。:)


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星期日 十一月 25, 2007


请从这里下载netbeans 6.0,从这里这里下载foxbeans插件。安装netbeans之后安装foxbeans,之后新建工程里就会多一个Mozilla Addons的选项。

星期二 十一月 20, 2007

firefox 3 beta 1 发布了

这里下载。 我的自动翻页插件也更新了,可以用在firefox 3 beta 1上。差不多是更新最快的插件了。

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firefox 3 beta 1 is out

Download it here. And my autopager addon has been updated to work with firefox 3 beta 1.

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星期一 五月 07, 2007

autopager change log

English 中文
You can always download installation file here. Or get the all the history file here and here.
你可以从 这里.下载最新安装文件. 或者从以下两个地方下载所有历史安装文件 mozdev.org and mozilla.org.
Use dtd and properties file to support multi language,currently only English and Chinese 增加中文界面
Double click to enable/disable 双击启用/禁用自动翻页。
Add a option to control when to loading next page base on how many unread content. It's the times of the window high.
Add a small site setting wizard

Rewrite the paging method, now support follow next page to buttons or links with javascript like href="javascript:nextpage();" or even complex.

Check Enable Javascript while loading page to use the new method.

Add code to remove overflow control from web. Some site use it to add a toolbar at the end of window. If you are accessing a site like this, check "Disable the overflow setting of loaded page." in the setting to remove the overflow.
Add smart paging support. For some site with next links have text "next" or ">" or other you string you set, the extension will auto follow the link. It will try to meet the link/command text,id,name and class, and image source. To avoid follow wrong links, here I use equal compare after convert ot lower case. But for image, I use ends with. So you need only give the image name,not need the full path, lower case too.
Add some parameters to XPath, you can write xpath like this:(//a[contains( %href%,@href)]/following-sibling::a)[1] . This is useful for the site that list all the page links,like 1,2,3 or A,b,c but not have a next like. The all supported values are:host,href,hostname,pathname,port,protocol,search and title. the first y ones are come from document.location the like one comes from document.title.

添加几个变量到XPath中,你可以写这样的 XPath:(//a[contains( %href%,@href)]/following-sibling::a)[1]  .它可以应用于类似这个站点:http://forums.mozine.cn/lofiversion/index.php/f49-0.html

目前支持的全部变量为:host,href,hostname,pathname,port,protocol,search 和 title. 前7个是来自于document.location,title来自于document.title.

Greatly Enhance the XPath generator.
Add UP/Down button to site list and XPath list.
为站点列表和 XPath列表添加上移 /下移按钮.
configurable enable/disable hostkey. Default is ctrl+doubleclick. Configurable loading notification style.启用/禁用快捷键可以定制了.缺省为Ctrl+双击. 加载中提示的样式也可以定制了.
Add better frame support. Make page break style custom able.
 Add a guid to each configed site so that when you update the site pattarn you will still keep it update.
Add a quick load option. It will try to merge pages while the next page is not totally loaded(Such as some pictures not loaded yet). It's not safe for all sites. You can try it for some sites.添加了一个快速翻页选项,选种它将会使翻页速度更快。其原理是在下一页面尚未完全加载,例如有些图像还未加载时就将下一页内容导入当前页。这在有些网站无法工作。你可以试用,如果下页上的图片等无法加载请取消此选项。
Support Mozilla,SeaMonkey,Flock and Firefox v1.5 now.
开始支持Mozilla,SeaMonkey,Flock 和 Firefox 1.5 到 2.0.
Confirm before loading next page. Recommend to install.
分页前提示用户选择操作。类似 ssl认证的选项。推荐更新。

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星期日 五月 06, 2007


这个插件将会很大程度上改变你的上网体验。它是一个自动加载下一页的插件,当你浏览到页面底部时它可以对网页进行自动加载下一页到当前页。下载地址在这里。 如果你对XPath有了解,你可以改变自己的配置添加新的自动翻页网站。就算你不了解XPath也无所谓,这个插件有一个XPath生成器,你只需要打开 它并点选网页上的你希望出现的对象,XPath生成器解会自动生成XParh(目前生成质量还不是太高,所以你可能还是需要做一些小的更改)。插件内置在 线更新配置功能,更新源是http://blogs.sun.com/wind/entry/autopager_site_config上的回复。如果 你也制作的自己的配置,请导出并回复到上述网站,谢谢。

你可以找到XPath教程在以下两个网站:http://www.w3schools.com/xpath/ 和 http://www.zvon.org/xxl/XPathTutorial/General_chi/examples.html. 其中第二个网站是多语言的,有中文.  

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Another good reason for you to use firefox: Autopager

You will find a new firefox addon I created at here. It's a auto pager. You can also download it from this blog.

AutoPager is a firefox extensions to autoloading next page into the same page when you browse to the bottom of the page. It's configuration is base on XPath. You can find there is a built in function to create a XPath by click on the page. And you can find XPath tutorials at http://www.w3schools.com/xpath/ and http://www.zvon.org/xxl/XPathTutorial/General/examples.html.  You can import some sample configuration from http://blogs.sun.com/wind/resource/autopager.xml. It includes the settings for google search ,google image search ,yahoo search and addons browser at addons.mozilla.org. It also support update settings from the comments at  http://blogs.sun.com/wind/entry/autopager_site_config. If you have new site config please export and post to that page. Thanks.

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星期六 四月 29, 2006

Mozilla/Thunderbird Message Filters Export And Import

Just create a  Mozilla/Thunderbird Message Filters Export And Import (2.0 compatible now)extension. You can use it to export and import your message filters.

How to Install In Thunderbird:

  1. Right-Click the link above and choose "Save Link As..." to Download and save the file to your hard disk.
  2. In Mozilla Thunderbird, open the extension manager (Tools Menu/Extensions)
  3. Click the Install button, and locate/select the file you downloaded and click "OK"

How to Install In Mozilla:

  1. Right-Click the link above and choose "Save Link As..." to Download and save the file to your hard disk.
  2. In Mozilla, open the file you downloaded

How to use:
1. Open Tools/Message Filters, Click Export Filters to export message filters for selected account.
2. Execute Tools/Import Filters to import message filters to selet account. Please restart your Mozilla/Thunderbird  immediately after you do an import.

Changes since: 1.0

Add check code  while importing to ensure users use the right files exported by this addon.
Add auto restart after importing.


This is the web page of Wind Li.


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