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  • March 18, 2018

yum-builddep and rpmbuild

I sometimes try to build an RPM from source (to patch something or try a patch). Since I do these things every now and then, I tend to forget stuff easily and it takes me a while to get back into it.

Anyway - I was trying to build lxc (example) earlier today and I wanted to patch the lxc-oracle template. So I log into my OL7 box and use yumdownloader to download the lxc source.

# yumdownloader --source lxc

Install the src rpm

# rpm -ivh lxc-1.1.5-2.0.9.el7.src.rpm

so I now have ~/rpmbuild/SPECS/lxc.spec ~/rpm/build/SOURCES/<bunch of patch files and the lxc-1.1.5.tar.gz)

Install rpmbuild (wasn't installed yet)

# yum install rpm-build

(I know - the rpm is called rpm-build but the binary is rpmbuild... odd. never figured out why in the world it couldn't just be the same - anyway)

Ok. So... my usual step is : 

# rpmbuild -bp SPECS/lxc.spec

I don't want to build binaries. Just create the whole BUILD/tree with patches applied

Here is where I always waste time. There are a bunch of build dependencies that are not yet installed and in the past I would *pretty stupid of me, thinking back* just go down the list one by one doing yum install <rpm needed> until rpmbuild stops complaining.

Turns out that yum-utils includes a tool called yum-builddep! Aha.

# yum-builddep SPECS/lxc.spec

Look at that! It goes and pulls in all the build dependency packages for you.

ok, back to # rpmbuild -bp SPECS/lxc.spec

and all is happy!  This is one I won't forget.






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