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  • March 17, 2018

Updated Oracle Linux 7 update 4 ARM64/aarch64 with uek5 4.14.26-2

We refreshed the installation media for OL7/ARM64 with the latest uek5 preview build based on upstream stable 4.14.26 and added perf and tuned.

You can download it from the OTN  OL ARM webpage. Ignore the 4.14-14 in the text, that will get updated. We're also working on updating the Raspberry Pi 3 image to match the same version. Hopefully using grub2 there as well to make it easier to have a single image repo.

The arm64 yum repo on http://yum.oracle.com has also been updated.

A few things to point out :

Oracle Linux 7 for ARM64 is going to be a 64-bit only distribution (aarch64). All binaries are built 64-bit and we have no support in user space libraries nor in the kernel for 32-bit.

Our ARM port is sharing the same source code base as x64. There are minor architecture changes where required to build but we have a single source code repository from which we build both architectures. This is important because it makes it easy and clean and allows us to synchronize the two architectures without problem.

Our kernel on ARM64 is built using GCC 7.3 : Linux version 4.14.26-2.el7uek.aarch64 gcc version 7.3.0 20180125

We currently test on Ampere Computing and Cavium ThunderX® systems. We plan to add more processor types over time.

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