Monday Mar 18, 2013

new Oracle VDI and Oracle Sun Ray Software releases!

A good Monday morning for Desktop Virtualization at Oracle.

We just released a few new products :

Oracle VDI 3.5

  • support for Ubuntu 12 and Windows 8 VMs
  • complete single server installation and the ability to just add nodes to scale
  • includes the latest version of Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2.10
  • install on top of Solaris 11 and/or Oracle Linux 6 support added
  • hd 720p video playback on the Sun Ray thin clients with Windows Media Player
  • Oracle Sun Ray Software 5.4

  • install on top of Solaris 11 and/or Oracle Linux 6 support added
  • new firmware update for the Oracle Sun Ray thin clients
  • hd 720p video playback on the Sun Ray thin clients with Windows Media Player
  • support IPsec from thin client to server with aes256
  • introducing vastly improved smart card support when using a Linux host
  • plugin for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c for VDI and SRS

    The press release is here

    Release notes for VDI are here

    Release notes for SRS are here

    Wednesday Jul 11, 2012

    Oracle VM VirtualBox virtual appliance images for Oracle VM 3.1.1 server and Manager

    I updated the Oracle VM VirtualBox appliances for Oracle VM Manager. It now contains the latest release+patch Oracle VM Manager 3.1.1 build 365. Alongside the Manager VM I also created a preconfigured server setup. Oracle VM Server 3.1.1 build 365. The nice thing with this combination is that you can effectively run a smaller server pool on your desktop or laptop if you have a decent amount of RAM. I managed to create a 2 node server pool. Basically run the Manager VM + 2 server VMs on one 8gb macbook. Of course it wasn't terribly fast or useful to run anything serious but it was good enough to test HA and show off the functionality.

    The VM's can be downloaded here. There are a few important things :

  • You can only run ParaVirtualized guests in the server VMs
  • I precreated nfs directories and started the nfs server bits in the Manager VM so you can use the Manager as an nfs repository for shared storage to the servers
  • I created a yum directory and updated httpd.conf on the Manager VM so that you can use and test the yum update facilities
  • You can add extra virtual disks to the server and they will show up as local storage for local repositories
  • iscsi target modules are installed on the Manager VM so you can also test out iscsi if you want to
  • It is highly recommended that you first start with the Manager VM to run in 4GB and then you can, if you want, drop it to about 3GB in size
  • The servers can run in as little as 700Mb-1GB
  • Use STATIC ip addresses for these VMs
  • Since this is build 365, the Oracle VM CLI (ssh) server is also installed in the Manager VM!
  • note : when creating the VM in VirtualBox, go into the netowrk settings of the VM and make sure that your virtual network is associated with the correct physical network. These VMs were exported on a Linux server with the virtual networks bound to eth0 as a device. On a Mac or a Windows PC this is likely a different name so to be safe just modify this before starting the VM

    The Manager VM is like the previous version 3.0. The VM starts and does an auto-login into Xwindows and there is a readme file that opens up in firefox and a login button that starts firefox to the local management port for Oracle VM.

    the server root password and ovs-agent password (to discover the server is ovsroot)

    Sunday Jun 24, 2012

    Oracle VM 3.1.1 build 365 released

    A few days ago we released a patch update for Oracle VM 3.1.1 (build 365).

    Oracle VM Manager 3.1.1 Build 365 is now available from My Oracle Support patch ID 14227416

    Oracle VM Server 3.1.1 errata updates are, as usual, released on ULN in the ovm3_3.1.1_x86_64_patch channel.

    Just a reminder, when we publish errata for Oracle VM, the notifications are sent through the oraclevm-errata maillist. You can sign up here.

    Some of the bugfixes in 3.1.1 :

    14054162 - Removes unnecessary locks when creating VNICs in a multi-threaded operation.
    14111234 - Fixes the issue when discovering a virtual machine that has disks in a un-discovered repository or has un-discovered physical disks.
    14054133 - Fixes a bug of object not found where vdisks are left stale in certain multi-thread operations.
    14176607 - Fixes the issue where Oracle VM Manager would hang after a restart due to various tasks running jobs in the global context.
    14136410 - Fixes the stale lock issue on multithreaded server where object not found error happens in some rare situations.
    14186058 - Fixes the issue where Oracle VM Manager fails to discover the server or start the server after the server hardware configuration (i.e. BIOS) was modified.
    14198734 - Fixes the issue where HTTP cannot be disabled.
    14065401 - Fixes Oracle VM Manager UI time-out issue where the default value was not long enough for storage repository creation.
    14163755 - Fixes the issue when migrating a virtual machine the list of target servers (and "other servers") was not ordered by name.
    14163762 - Fixes the size of the "Edit Vlan Group" window to display all information correctly.
    14197783 - Fixes the issue that navigation tree (servers) was not ordered by name.

    I strongly suggest everyone to use this latest build and also update the server to the latest version.
    have at it.


    Wim Coekaerts is the Senior Vice President of Linux and Virtualization Engineering for Oracle. He is responsible for Oracle's complete desktop to data center virtualization product line and the Oracle Linux support program.

    You can follow him on Twitter at @wimcoekaerts


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